Thursday, December 19, 2013

Walter AG: A Place for Diversity

Walter AG was established by Richard Walter in 1919 in Düsseldorf with the name WALTER HARTMETALL GmbH. With a product range of around 49,000 catalogue tools for milling, drilling, turning and threading, Walter is a complete service provider for the metalworking industry. It presently
employs over 4,000 people and has 33 subsidiaries and a large number of distribution partners around the globe.The five competence brands of Walter, Walter Titex, Walter Prototyp, Walter Valenite and Walter Multiply are all under one company umbrella, the Walter Corporation.

The Walter Group is committed to competence and working as a team. It believes that there is strength when employees work together fairly and in support of one another. Giving more force to this commitment is also Walter's commitment to diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion are an integral element of the culture and strategy of Walter. It means more than just providing same career opportunities for men and women.

Diversity at Walter means providing same career opportunities for men and women at all levels in its group of companies, regardless of age, cultural background or nationality. This includes respecting the cultural and personal differences, as well as differences in life and professional experiences of men and women. Inclusion means bringing the full potential of each employee into the company which will then be used “for the goal of achieving results through different approaches, opinions and views.” Walter believes collaboration brings success.

On the other hand, employees of Walter strive to live up to their corporate values:
  • Proudly determnined
  • Passionately inventive
  • Powerfully synergetic

Walter employees are proud to be part of the Walter community, and support people who actively take notice of their corporate responsibility – and throughout the world. They develop technological visions and implement them for their customers. They focus on their customers and offer them innovative products and machining technologies. They are strong because they are one team, and they support one another and know that they can rely on their colleagues.

At the Walter Group, one can enjoy working because of the following benefits:
  • great colleagues
  • exciting, challenging projects and tasks
  • room to pursue one's own ideas
  • one's opinion counts
  • international environment
  • wide range of benefits

Moreover, Walter shows that it cares for its employees as it creates “opportunities to improve the balance between work, career and family using places for our employees' children at daycare centres, flexible working hours, the opportunity to work from home, part-time or in a job share, and much more.”

Thus, at Walter, one can truly thrive, professionally and personally. There is a place for anyone who is open-minded, has set ambitious goals and driven to achieve them.

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