Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bosh Global Services, Inc.- Real Time Diversity

Bosh Global Services, Inc. specializes in unmanned systems-related operations and technology services. It was founded by Robert Fitzgerald, and incorporated in Virginia in November 2003. It aims to be the world's market leader in Para-RoboticsĂ”, by consistently delivering unparalleled technical and operational support services to meet its customers' immediate and strategic needs.

The services the Company offers are integrated turnkey services including planning, acquisition, system design and installation, training and 24x7 global operations and support for air, land, and sea programs. Most of the data and information gathered for its end-users are mostly mission-critical, and Bosh Global works with the customer to find the best delivery solution using the most advantageous communications media. The point is the Company does its best to deliver critical information to the end user in real time, saving lives and maximizing return on investment.

Bosh Global (BOSH) works in services of the following client communities:
First Responders – Bosh Global supports those whose job is to take immediate action, so as
their partners, Bosh Global likewise take immediate action - ready to get the job done
24/7 providing IT operations maintenance and relay support and other related tasks.
“BOSH is engrained into the emergency response industry.”
Intelligence – Bosh Global provides leading-edge technology support services for Department of Defense, National Intelligence Agencies, the Homeland Defense Community, the National Guard, and special operations forces.
Special Operations - meets high demands of situational awareness with technology and experience-based operations, ISR, and UAS support services focused on mission success.

The Company is headed by founder Robert Fitzgerald and a highly diverse team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Bosh Global is proud to be an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer that provides equal employment opportunity for all persons, in all facets of employment.

Bosh Global's mission is to provide exceptional, professional services to its clients; thus, it also demands that its team be of exceptional skills, expertise and dedication. In turn, there is nothing but the very best for its employees.

Bosh Global Services, Inc. is an excellent place to work and advance in one's career. 

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