Friday, December 13, 2013

Sandvik: Increased Diversity for Increased Productivity and Profitability

Sandvik is a global engineering group that was established in 1862 in Sandviken, Sweden, by Göran Fredrik Göransson and his associates. Sandvik, then known as Högbo Stål & Jernwerks AB, started its business with the early production of drill steel for rock-drilling in the 1860's, moving onto the manufacturing of stainless steel in 1921, cemented carbide in 1942, and in the 1950's, it began manufacturing cemented-carbide tools. From then on, Sandvik undertook several moves to facilitate more growth and expansion. In 1972, the Company name was changed to Sandvik AB, and in 1984, a restructuring of the organization took place. Furthermore, its expansion included a series of company acquisitions over the years.

Today, the Company carries advanced products and world-leading positions in selected areas: tooling, materials technology, mining and construction. It has 5 main business areas: Sandvik Mining, Sandvik Machining Solutions, Sandvik Materials Technology, Sandvik Construction and Sandvik Venture, each of which has their own Research & Development, Production and Sales.

Because of its presence in 130 countries, it has a strong workforce worldwide, and its employees come from a “wide range of cultural, geographical and educational backgrounds.” At Sandvik, “inclusion is the gateway to diversity.” The combined policy-attitude-and-practice of hiring people from diverse backgrounds “has strongly contributed to greater creativity and innovation within Sandvik, and more powerful teams who think and act beyond best practice.”

Sandvik intends to be a leader in inclusion and diversity as it believes these two elements give them the competitive edge and are integral in the modern society. Inclusion and diversity as keys to their success are part of Sandvik's open-mindedness, an attitude of encouraging people to be themselves at work and valued for who they are.

With this unique brand of Sandvik spirit, its pool of the best talents around the world are always highly motivated, energized and driven to succeed in their careers and personal life.

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