Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stratus Technologies, Inc. - Always Uptime On Diversity

Stratus Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of server and uptime solutions. It helps provide for an “always-on world” in many businesses and organizations. Its products, services and solutions ensure protection of critical applications against system downtime. It was founded in the 1980's, then underwent several changes of ownership: Investcorp, Intel Capital, MidOcean Partners, and NEC. Today, Stratus Technologies is a privately held company.

Stratus Technologies' solutions can best be described as flexible, for these support a range of operating systems, visrtualization platforms and software applications. Its products are easy to deploy and manage, and require no modifications to your applications. Thus, it is a company trusted by SMBs and Global Fortune 500 companies to keep them up and running.

In order to create a culture conducive to success, Stratus Technologies is driven by its corporate values that reflects the way it does business and how it acts to achieve its mission:
  • Customer Focus – Stratus Technologies ensures that its products services, and business practices reflect “the voice of the customer” and that it demonstrates a solution mindset for solving problems and responding to customers' need.
  • Collaboration – It operates with integrity and trust; openly shares information to grow the business and use cross-functional relationships and teamwork to drive results.
  • Urgency – The company operates 24/7 with a sense of urgency to get things done, taking on an entrepreneurial approach to operations and processes and embracing dynamic and changing buisness conditions.
  • Results – Stratus Technologies meets commitments; takes personal responsibility for actions and is accountable for results; and values impact over effort.

Stratus Technologies is well-established, yet an evolving organization where there is continual re-thinking of how to create system uptime in a fast-moving startup software environment. It is also an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer that values diversity. It encourages creative thinking, initiative and open communication in a collaborative, relaxed, flexible working environment. Moreover, the company offers a comprehensive benefits package to its employees. 

All these truly make Stratus Technologies, Inc. a terrific place to work and grow one's career.. At Stratus, you become part of culture with customer focus, high standards, cutting-edge technology and strong leadership.

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