Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shimadzu Corporation's New Aggregates Sizer Aggregation Analysis System

Shimadzu Corporation, a leader in the development of advanced technologies with a distinguished history of innovation built on the foundation of contributing to society through science and technology,
has released a new aggregates sizer aggregation analysis system for biopharmaceuticals that will enable evaluation of sub-visible particle (SVP) aggregates that are 100 nm to 10 µm in size.

This new technology allows for the evaluation of the concentration (µg/mL) of aggregates that can cause shock symptom or other side effects; thus, it is ideal for quality control and for improving the efficiency of biopharmaceutical development. The system is an improvement on Shimadzu's previous SALD series particle size analyzers, as the Aggregates sizer is over ten times more sensitive.

Moreover, Shimadzu's new system is more significantly costs-and-time-saving, for it allows samples to be evaluated for aggregation at the early stages of biopharmaceutical development. It also allows aggregation-prone proteins to be screened and eliminated in advance.

Main features of this new product are the following:
  • Quantitatively evaluates SVP range aggregate concentrations
  • Measures aggregates with sensitivity 10 times higher than previous particle size analyzers
  • Quantitatively evaluates aggregation processes at intervals as short as one second

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