Friday, December 13, 2013

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG): Room for Diversity; “Room to be Yourself”

IHG the presitigious chain of hotels worldwide that started as a brewery in 1777 is still growing, opening more rooms to hotel guests and at the same time, making room for diversity. Diversity is part of the “Winning Ways” of IHG, and it is surely making it a winner through and through – “Great Hotels Guests Love.”

There is a richness of diversity: geographic, socio-economic, cultural in IHG – across the globe and in its local hotel communities. The diversity of its hotel guests is reflected in IHG workforce, owners and business partners, and IHG is proud of this. Diversity and inclusion is part of its Corporate Responsibility and IHG is fully committed to it, making room for it in all areas of its business:
  • hotel ownership
  • strategic sourcing relationships
  • recruitment
  • community relations
  • franchising and marketing

Thus, for IHG to achieve this, it “strives to create working environments and establish business relationships where every group fits, feels accepted, has value and contributes.” IHG does it best to recruit and promote people based on their job suitability without any undue bias against “race, colour, ethnic or national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, marital status or disability unrelated to the role.”

One of IHG key challenges is “to attract, retain, and inspire people to deliver great performance and across all our brands regardless of the business model. We achieve this by clearly articulating our values and the behaviours we expect from our employees – our Winning Ways – and by creating an environment where our people can be themselves and are encouraged to perform at the highest level – we call this Room to be yourself.”

Moreover, as its people “lie at the heart of their business – the ones who make a difference,”
IHG provides its employees with opportunities to grow in their career, so “development and training programmes, including leadership and management training are accessible throughout IHG; in particular, IHG provides “development programmes for women and succession planning for high-potential candidates.”

At the same time, in order to better serve their guests with disabilities, IHG partners with organizations around the world “to make thoughtful considerations on their behalf.” IHG truly cares for its employees as it aims to provide “continuing employment wherever practicable in the same or an alternative position” in case an existing employee become disabled.

At IHG, one can find it is truly a “great enjoyable place to work and grow” in winning ways.

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