Friday, December 13, 2013

ALS Global - Going Global on Diversity

ALS Global is one of today's largest and diversified testing services providers in the world spread out in 350 locations in 55 countries and in 6 continents. Its history can be traced way back to 1863 when Peter Morrison Campbell established a soap-making business in Queensland, Australia. The business continued its steady growth, and in 1952, it listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

In 1981, it acquired Australian Laboratory Services Pty, Ltd., thus marking its entry into the international scene to become a well-respected “international testing, inspection and certification company” employing over 13, 000 staff. All throughout the years, ALS Global has maintained a unique atmosphere that encourages and inspires innovation and an entreprenuerial spirit among its staff, and thus hereby creating a strong link between their global business operations.

ALS Global is a company marked by its adherence to its corporate core values: honesty and integrity; exceeding clients' expectations; belief in one's ability; hard work, and continuous improvement, doing it better, celebrating success and safety as a priority. It strives to create an environment such that it becomes a “great place to work.” To achieve this, ALS promotes the “growth and development of a culture of respect for the individual, the community and the environment. It also recognizes high performance of its people.

Moreover at ALS Global, equity and diversity are by-words, as it provides “a global and dynamic work environment that encourages differences in: gender, skills, thought, nationality, experience and style.”
Noteworthy, too, is its respect for gender differences. In fact, the company has its Workplace Gender Equality Act Report. It makes sure that any changes in the programs of the company will not adversely impact their women in the workplace, but rather to even boost women's success.

At ALS Global, cultural diversity thrives, as it provides employment opportunities and career advancements globally to its takented staff – whatever their cultural background may be. The rationale behind ALS Global stand on cultural diversity is that it allows the Company to “better understand the regions we operate in.” For this, it also means the Company seeks to provide a superior working condition for its employees.

Lastly, since at ALG both gender and ethnic diversity are an “integral part of our culture, values and the way we do business,” its people feel welcomed, appreciated and valued. This inclusive workplace culture “will continue to provide sustainability for ALS into the future and will support our growth and success.”

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Hello - the company is ALS Limited, not ALS Global.