Friday, December 20, 2013

Asian Amercians: A Growing Force to Reckon With in Creative Careers

In his 2012 book "The Rise of the Creative Class, Revisited," Richard Florida, a senior editor at The Atlantic, estimates that Asians make up 6.1 percent of creative jobs in America -- a number that seems insignificant until you look at it from the reverse. "Asian-Americans are by far the most heavily represented in the creative class work," Florida writes.

One example is shown in the article, “Jason Wu:The American Dream,” to wit, Jason Wu is the very essence of New York fashion and the incarnation of that elusive American dream. - Read in full: 

One factor could be demographics.
The U.S. Census Bureau announced Asians were the nation's fastest-growing race or ethnic group in 2012. Their population rose by 530,000, or 2.9 percent, in the preceding year, to 18.9 million, according to Census Bureau annual population estimates. More than 60 percent of this growth in the Asian population came from international migration. See

Moreover, statistics show that the unemployment rate for Asians as of August 2013 is 5.1%. See here

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