Friday, December 13, 2013

The Nature Conservancy: Working Together, Making a Difference Leading in Diversity

The Nature Conservancy was founded in 1951, but it arose from a small group of scientists who formed themselves in 1946 as the Ecologists Union for the purpose of taking direct action to save threatened natural areas. In 1950, the name Ecologists Union was changed to The Nature Conservancy. The following year in 1951, it was then incorporated as a nonprofit union in the District of Columbia. 

Through the years, The Nature Conservancy has been working enthusiastically “making a positive impact around the world in more than 35 countries, all 50 United States.” Its mission is “to protect nature, for people today and future generations.” inspired by its vision “to leave a sustainable world for future generations.” Today, it is the world's leading conservation organization.

What drives the Conservancy's success? The core values by which all they who represent The Nature Conservancy live, work and conduct themselves, are indispensable. These values are: integrity beyond reporoach, respect for people, communities and cultures; commitment to diversity; one Conservancy; and tangible, lasting results. 

With regards to their commitment to diversity, the Conservancy believes that its work of conservation is best achieved through the leadership and contributions of people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. Thus, it is imperative that the organization:
  • Respect and be open to a variety of viewpoints and diversity of thought.
  • Work in an environment that encourages each one to achieve their potential and values the contributions of all.
  • Expand and strengthen the diversity of its workforce, trustee base, and board.

Its commitment to diversity leads The Nature Conservancy “to create a workforce that reflects the diverse locations where its diverse people work.”

Here are two testimonials from its employees, among others:
The challenge for me is to educate others that people of color care about
conservation.” - Hazel Wong, Senior Policy Advisor

“The Nature Conservancy’s diversity program is broadening its horizons by
seeking those individuals with different backgrounds, different talents, from
different countries all around the world.” - Lisa Monk, CIM Documents Manager

Truly, at The Nature Conservancy, we find people caring for nature and caring for one another as well. Together they work to make a difference in the world.

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