Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cabela's – Sporting Diversity

Cabela's World Foremost Outfitter interestingly started as a “kitchen-table” dream of Dick Cabela, in 1961. He and his wife Mary started operating their sporting goods business in the kitchen of their Chappell, Nebraska home, with the help of their temporary typists who they hired for mail, label and catalog preparation. In 1963, Dick convinced his brother Jim to join him in the venture. The business was done in “typical direct-mail style, with each order mailed out with a mimeographed catalog of outdoor items.”

The business was already a hit at the start, and continued to grow with their hard work and dedication; hence, by 1964, needing more space, they had to move operations to the basement of their father's furniture store, and onto other sites in Chappell as the need arose for bigger and better locations. Also interestingly, in the early years of the family operations, the Cabela brothers and Mary would put back everything they earned into the business, investing in more mailings, new equipment and bigger facilities. In 1969, the family was already operating business in Sidney, Nebraska on a 50-000 square-foot vacant John Deere building.

The rest is history, for today Cabela's main world headquarters building encompasses more than 250,000 square feet along Interstate 80 in Sidney, Nebraska. Not only that, its business has expanded onto different states in the US, in Canada and in China. Cabela's sporting goods supply business now covers the following work areas: Corporate, Retail Stores, World's Foremost Bank, Customer Relations, and Distribution Centers.

Cabela's was founded on traditional home-grown family values, such as the pursuit of excellence and hard work, and it demands these from their people, their business partners, suppliers, as they all continue to dedicate their time and energy towards serving their customers with utmost priority and care. “The Cabela's Business Code of Conduct and Ethics reflects our overall standards for proper behavior and corporate values, and is signed by every employee.”

Cabela's is, moreover, committed to diversity. “We don't invite our employees in as guests, we adopt them as family. We constantly challenge each other, but our relationships are governed by integrity and respect.” At Cabela's, each other's diverse perspectives, life experiences and backgrounds are valued.
There is always a place for everyone at Cabela's – for those who share their passion for the outdoor life and the people they serve, for those driven with high standards.

With the different work areas at Cabela's, topped by its commitment to diversity, it is surely a fun, exciting place to work, grow and live. 

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