Thursday, December 19, 2013

Precison Dormer LLC: Diversity Brings the Right People to the Right Place

Precsion Dormer LLC is borne of the merging of 2 companies: Precision, which was founded in 1952, in Crystal Lake, Illinois, and which has been selling many popular tool brands in North America.

On the other hand, Dormer Tools, was founded in 1913 in Sheffield, England, and is known around the world for its innovative metalworking products.

Together, as a new streamlined organization carrying both the Precision and Dormer brands, it provides a strong North American tool brand for high productivity Carbide and HSS drill and tap products.

At Precision Dormer LLC, one finds a culture of learning. A positive attitude towards change is advocated, and new ideas are highly encouraged. Respectful behavior is observed as fair trade and equal opportunities exist. Moreover, environmental concern and consideration for the individual is shown.

Like its merger into one strong organization, at Precision Dormer LLC, everyone acts as one. Collective goals are shared, and cooperation and teamwork promoted. All these are the values by which the organization adheres to.

The company offers strong training programs and tailored development plans. It also strives to create an international and dynamic working environment.

Most excitingly, there are challenging careers with genuine prospects for advancement in the offing, as Precision Dormer LLC places high premium on the development of its internal resource.

Havingthe right people in the right place” is an important endeavor for Precision Dormer LLC. 

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