Friday, December 13, 2013

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee: Hallmark of Diversity

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee is an independent, not-for-profit, locally governed health plan company serving the state of Tennessee – living and working together with its business customers and plan members. It is the State's largest health benefit plan company, which is also a member of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Asscociation, a nationwide association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans, thereby enabling its members to access the same quality health benefits wherever they may be traveling or living in all 50 states.

It started serving the health care needs of Tennesseans more than 65 years ago, and today Blue Cross Blue Shield serves 3 million members in and out of Tennessee, and has more than 15,000 customer companies. It pays more than 60 million claims and almost $9 billion worth of benefits. Currently, the Company has 5,000 employees, all part of an organization that has a culture of inclusion, reflecting “a diversity of thought, talent, skills and abilities.”

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee believes diversity is the reason behind its organization's success, its “strength, leadership and vitality.” Diversity is the way by which it attracts, retain and develop talents of top caliber. It is also the way by which they can better serve their customers' needs.

Diversity has become a “hallmark” of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee as it permeates throughout its relationships: diversity at work; diversity in action; diversity in outreach, and diversity in business.

Diversity at work involves its relationship with its employees, coworkers and associates. Diversity in action involves its relationship with its customer groups, employers and plan members, while diversity in outreach involves the Company's relationship with community organizations, neighborhoods and families. Lastly, diversity in business invloves its relationship with business associates, sales agents and suppliers.

More specifically in relation to its workforce, diversity at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee means its employees are respected and their contributions are recognized. At the same time, as it nurtures a climate of inclusion and diversity, the Company makes sure that opportunities for its people to develop their skills and talents are given. It provides employees flexible benefits and policies, training and internship programs, as well as a work environment that allows them to balance both work and personal responsibilities.

In recognition, therefore, of its commitment to diversity, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee was awarded the first Advancement in Diversity Award from the Chattanooga African American Chamber of Commerce. The award celebrates diversity in business at the middle and upper-management levels.

At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, you will always feel you belong.

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