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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


“Salmon, Egg & Pumpkin” and “Ocean Whitefish & Tuna” sound pretty delicious, right? These are the types of recipes Purina carefully formulates and develops for every breed and taste bud of every pet. They believe in feeding dogs and cats with the same care and delight as we, as humans, feed ourselves. Each can and bag is packed with pure passion and nutrition that nourishes the whole pet.
They credit their very own Chef Amanda for cultivating much of Purina’s diverse culinary culture to date. Her role within the Purina Family is particularly unique, as she creates human recipes and experiences with the intention of inspiring their people who are responsible for developing the pet food recipes that go to market.
“I want to make sure our pets are getting the full food experience that we humans get,” Chef Amanda said. “My goal is to bridge the gap between human food and pet food.”
Before joining the Purina Family, Chef Amanda spent nearly 20 years in the hospitality industry creating meals and recipes for people. When the opportunity to join manufacturing presented itself, she jumped at it knowing she would have the ability to have an enormous impact.
“After 13 years of working in human food manufacturing, the opportunity to work at Purina was irresistible, especially since Purina products are the ones that I buy for my family,” Amanda said.
Amanda openly expresses that Purina has truly become a place she is forever proud to call home. Her ability to instill a love for food and passion for pets into the intricate steps of developing recipes has made her job far more than a career; but a mission.
“I am very passionate about what I do here at Purina,” Amanda said. “After all, it combines two of my favorite things: food and pets. But the best part is that I am surrounded by people in all areas who are just as passionate about what they do and the products that we produce.”
As do many of the people who work at Purina, Chef Amanda also discovers her inspiration through the strength of the larger portfolio of brands and how well the company understands each different consumer and customer group. Amanda’s primary – and accepted – challenge is to transform life-appropriate, current food trends in a way that can translate to dogs and cats everywhere. And that’s the ‘meat’ of what makes her job her love.

Chef Amanda and her cat, Ari, at work.

Chef Amanda at Purina’s Culinary Center

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