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Saturday, March 22, 2014

DiversityWorking.com 2014 Virtual Diversity Career Expos

DiversityWorking.com invites all diversity-minded companies who are looking to hire diversity employees to join its 2014 Virtual Diversity Career Expos, a series of 9 events to be held from April to November, with each event centered on a specific career focus.

Joining DiversityWorking.com 2014 Virtual Diversity Career Expos offers diversity employers a unique venue to showcase their organizations, promote their job openings as well as give career advice to interested qualified applicants.

The virtual diversity career expos are unique in the sense that these provide each employer with a “Private Label” digital recruitment event, wherein each company participant does not share the branding, the message, the jobs or the candidates with any other companies, as there is no sharing required. In short, each diversity company gets 100% of the exposure, and all candidates flow into one direction – to only that specific company.

Moreover, through their private label recruitment event, each employer is able to send a very clear and simple message: A commitment to diversity.

In addition, employers gain all the benefits of a traditional career expo with none of the expenses or hassles, thus allowing them to funnel time and cost savings into the bottom line for better results.
    1. No more travel and expenses to Career Fairs.
    2. No more wasted time out of the office.
    3. No more setting up and tearing down of the company's display.
    4. No more interviewing endless unqualified candidates.
    5. All resumes go straight into the employer's applicant tracking system.
    6. Career Expo is open for 7 days, 24 hours a day.
The digital solution leads to a widened access for both job seekers and employers.

The following 2014 Expo Calendar highlights the career focus for each of the event:
  • April 21st - 27th — Pharmaceutical Focus
  • May 19th – 25th — General Focus
  • June 16th – 22nd — Sales Focus
  • August 11th - 17th — Financial Services Focus
  • September 15th – 21st — Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Focus
  • October 6th - 12th — Information Technology Focus
  • October 20th - 26th — Retail Focus
  • November 3rd - 9th — General Focus
  • November 17th - 24th — Government Focus
Each of these Virtual Exhibitions includes:
  • *Corporate Logo
  • *Corporate Profile
  • *468 x 60 Pixel banner
  • *Link to employment website
  • *Listing of immediate job Openings
  • *Recruiter Contact Information by Division or Region
  • *"Thank You" Message
For information on event pricing and other important details, please click here.

Monday, March 10, 2014

How to Assess and Evaluate the Progress of Workforce Diversity Initiatives

Any diversity strategy must contain well-defined measures to assess effectiveness and to evaluate
whether outcomes support organizational objectives and targets. Such measures must be straightforward and unambiguous so that all employees and leaders clearly understand what is expected. - from Best Practices in Achieving Workforce Diversity

In a previous post, 10 Measures of Diversity Working in Society and in the Workplace, is a list of some of these diversity indicators or variables that can be measured, provided in the same study report above, which diversity-minded companies can use in assessing the progress of their diversity initiatives.

The report was the culmination of a benchmarking study conducted by a group of leading private firms in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Commerce and then U.S. Vice-President Al Gore's National Partnership for Reinventing Government in whch the study team shared their experiences and best practices.

Among the best practices presented in the report regarding the assessment and evaluation of diversity indicators by which a company can track the progress of its diversity process are the following:
  • Conducting an annual organizational chart assessment to identify the current diversity status of the company and see if it reflects the community it serves.
  • Setting specific workforce diversity objectives; for example setting a goal of having its workforce reflects the customers it serves and the place in which the company is located, and its global management at a designated year in the future be able to represent the demographics of their global market. This practice shows how a company can integrate diversity into its performance-based culture.
  • Using a diversity scorecard to assess diversity progress.
  • Using a diversity check-list of suggested action items from which managers can develop their diversity action plans.
Using a Diversity Scorecard

Diversity indicators, or variables are the items to be measured for progress, and which can be presented in a scorecard format. According to MDB Group, a business, diversity, inclusion, and intercultural expertise consultants, the core diversity and inclusion metrics and scorecard challenge is deciding what to do and then designing appropriate metrics and scorecards to measure progress. Periodic (e.g. annual) updates to the diversity metrics and scorecard are also important. If progress has been made, the metrics must change to “raise the bar.” If progress has not been made, the metrics must change so that different things are tried. Read more here

The following are some areas of measurements that can be used in assessing a company's diversity efforts that the Washington State Human Resources suggests:

I. Quantitative Measurements track how many or how much percentage of people in the company that measures against traditional affirmative action goals. These measurements can be based on:
  • Representation or workforce profile
  • Hiring
  • Development – ex: individual development plan
  • Pay Equity
  • Promotion
  • Turnover
  • Accessability of Programs and Services
II. Qualitative Measurementscan be outcome-oriented or activity based.
a. Outcome-oriented measurements can focus on “feelings” - for example, the perceived level of inclusion felt by all employees. It can also deal with:
  • Employee Inclusion
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Resource Affinity groups
b. Activity-based measurements can track the progress of an organization's diversity effort in the areas of:
  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Training
  • Diversity Committment

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nestlé Purina – Working Tall with Diversity

Nestlé Purina is the pet care division of Nestlé S.A., world's largest food and beverage company, and it came into being as a result of the acquisition of Ralston Purina Company by Nestlé in 2001. With Nestlé's rich history in pet care and Purina's strong heritage combined, Nestlé Purina has maintained its standing as a leading, globally competitive business that carries brands trusted by pet owners.

The core values that govern Nestlé Purina as an organization are known as the “Five Talls.”
  • Integrity – The people at Nestlé Purina stand tall with integrity.
  • Passion – They smile tall with passion.
  • Expertise – They think tall with expertise.
  • Performance – They live tall with performance.
  • Innovation – They create tall with innovation.
These are the values that each and everyone in the organization embrace and live by, and unite them as a team.

Nestlé Purina strongly believes in striking a healthy balance between work and home life, as it believes that the best associates are healthy and happy, and lead full lives. One unique and exciting feature of the Company's 'Perks at Work' is being able to bring one's pet to work daily.

This belief that people and pets are better together is the driving force that allows Nestlé Purina to build the strongest teams who can produce the highest quality products, and to this end, diversity is openly embraced.

Nestlé Purina is deeply committed to cultivating a culturally diverse and inclusive workplace, for a diverse workforce that reflects their consumer base is an essentail. It values individual differences that, ultimately, bring them closer together to empower, inspire and impact the lives of others.

For this commitment to diversity and inclusion, and focus on its employees, Nestlé Purina has been consistently recognized. Among its awards is being named as as one of the:
  • Top 100 Employers of the Class of 2011, 2012 and 2013 by Diversity Employers Magazine.
  • St. Louis Business Journal Best Places to Work 2013, for the 6th consecutive year.
  • The Best Place to Work in The Greater St. Louis Area by the St. Louis Post Dispatch for 2013, and also in 2012.
Nestlé Purina is also proud to have been named a Role Model company by the Starkloff Disability Institute.

Diverse career opportunities abound far and wide at Nestlé Purina: internship opportunities, entry-level and management trainee positions, professional careers as well as hourly job opportunities. To top it all, the Company offers continuous training and development programs for career advancement and professional growth.

Come to DiversityWorking.com, the largest job board online to search for Nestlé Purina jobs, and launch and grow your career with a great diversity company.

KPMG - Sustainability Through Diversity

KPMG LLP is an audit, tax and advisory firm, and a member firm of the global KPMG International Cooperative (“KPMG International”), providing sterling services to help organizations around the globe succeed in today's dynamic and challenging world.

As such, KPMG commits itself to its corporate responsibility of 'enterprise sustainability' which involves the four pillars the organization uses to help guide their actions:
  • Integrity – for market sustainability
  • Corporate Citizenship – for community sustainability
  • Diversity and Inclusion – for talent sustainability
  • Living Green – for environmental sustainability
Guided by these 4 pillars, KPMG is able to “do business better” and attain “workforce readiness.”

KPMG is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer giving equal opportunity for all applicants and employees regardless of their race, color, creed, religion, age, sex/gender, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, pregnancy, veteran status, genetic information, or other legally protected status.

Its dedication and continuous efforts to foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace, a business imperative supported by a strong infrastructure, and having defined diversity goals, working closely with its national diversity networks, and developing diverse leaders, have not been in vain, for KPMG has been consistently recognized by business and diversity organizations, and awarded as one of, among others:
- Working Mother magazine's Best Companies for Multicultural Women in 2013
- Human Rights Campaign's “Best Companies” and “Best Places to Work” for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender professionals, also in 2013
- National Association for Female Executives’ (NAFE) Top 50 Companies for Executive Women for the 3rd consecutive year in 2013

Its pride is to be able to foster and sustain a high performance diverse workforce reflecting the diversity of the clients they serve, in the communities they live and work. Thus, KPMG does its best to continuously enhance the recruiting, retention, and advancement of a diverse team of high-performing global thinkers.

Moreover, KPMG also offers challenging career development programs, global opportunities and the chance to work with some of the best and brightest people all around the world.

Come to DiversityWorking.com, the largest job board online to browse for KPMG jobs and launch a highly-rewarding career with this great diversity company.