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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Overcoming Biases Key to Building A Great, Diverse Team

Diversity in any organization is essential -- it is more than a moral imperative, writes Raj Gupta, retired Chairman/CEO of Fortune 300 company Rohm and Haasan, and currently serving on the boards of several companies including Hewlett-Packard.

Diversity is a business imperative based on increasing evidence that companies with diverse boards and leaders outperform their peers over time, according to him. In an article on the Harvard Business Review, he shares the following lessons with regards to building "exceptionally diverse, teams." Based on his personal experiences, he learned how to overcome "my own biases about diversity—and then using these hard-won insights to build one of the most diverse leadership teams and board of directors in the world:"
Your organization must strongly believe that diversity is critical for long-term success. - In order for a company to access the best possible talent they must access the broadest possible talent pool.
Understand that it takes two to tango and mere tokenism does not work. - Companies must assure an even playing field for every employee to realize their potential and contribute towards the success of the organization.
Expand the traditional notion of mentoring. -  The best mentoring comes from successful individuals who are perceived as mainstream in the organization. For example, a successful white male in a U.S. or a European company, a top Korean manager in a Korean company—they can assist a person of diverse background help gain insight into the culture of the organization and serve as a wise counsel.
Finally, building workforce diversity is a process; it is a journey the results of which "are not achieved instantaneously but require ongoing efforts including making a few bold decisions along the way."

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Planned Parenthood Looking for Field Organizer, Morgantown, WV

Planned Parenthood, a diversity company member of DiversityWorking.com, and a trusted health care provider and global partner delivering vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to people worldwide, is currently looking for a Field Organizer in Morgantown, WV.

Job Overview
The Field Coordinator will work closely with the Director of Public Affairs to conduct grassroots activities while building capacity and infrastructure. The Coordinator will also provide key support to the PPHS Action Fund
Job Qualifications
A successful candidate should be highly motivated, responsible, outgoing, creative, pro-choice person with political experience to manage the agency’s grassroots activities in West Virginia.
Job Requirements
Must be able to prioritize and juggle multiple projects at once, and under time constraints. Good communication and strong organizational skills. Ability to work independently as well as part of a team. Must be able to take initiative. Requires in state travel. 

For more details about this job and to apply for it, click on this link.

Certified Medical Assistant for Planned Parenthood Announced by DiversityWorking.com

The post for a Certified Medical Assistant, South Los Angeles, is open at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, a diversity company member of DiversityWorking.com. Planned Parenthood is a trusted health care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world.

Job Overview
The position is an intermediate level position responsible for all supporting functions in the delivery of reproductive health care services. Performs all Medical Assistant front and back office function.
Job Requirements in terms of knowledge and skills or abilities required.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
1. Must pass any applicable agency qualifying exam(s).
2. Ability to work independently and as a team member.
3. Able to demonstrate mature judgment, initiative and critical thinking.
4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
5. Ability to relate to diverse communities.
6. Accuracy and attention to detail essential.
Education and Experience Requirement
1. High school diploma or equivalent required.
2. Medical Assistant Certification required.
3. Minimum one (1) to two (2) years experience in a clinical setting.
4. American Heart Association BLS Certification required.

For more job details and to apply, click on this link.
Intermediate level position responsible for all supporting functions in the delivery of reproductive health care services. Performs all Medical Assistant front and back office function. - See more at: http://plannedparenthoodext.hire.com/viewjob.html?erjob=114941#sthash.bqanZyl7.dpuf
Intermediate level position responsible for all supporting functions in the delivery of reproductive health care services. Performs all Medical Assistant front and back office function. - See more at: http://plannedparenthoodext.hire.com/viewjob.html?erjob=114941#sthash.bqanZyl7.dpuf
Intermediate level position responsible for all supporting functions in the delivery of reproductive health care services. Performs all Medical Assistant front and back office function. - See more at: http://plannedparenthoodext.hire.com/viewjob.html?erjob=114941#sthash.bqanZyl7.dpuf
Intermediate level position responsible for all supporting functions in the delivery of reproductive health care services. Performs all Medical Assistant front and back office function. - See more at: http://plannedparenthoodext.hire.com/viewjob.html?erjob=114941#sthash.bqanZyl7.dpuf

Friday, December 26, 2014

Career Diversity in the Pharmacy Profession

There is a great deal of career diversity within the pharmacy profession, for pharmacist jobs have become more diverse, and several pharmacist jobs are no longer confined in pharmacies, hospital or clinical settings. Even in a hospital or clinical work environment, the work of pharmacists has expanded in scope.

As such, pharmacists these days are no longer expected to only “fill a prescription at a pharmacy,” and here are some career options for pharmacists:
*Hospital Pharmacy
Not only do pharmacists fill orders in a hospital, but many also have an active role in patient care alongside a physician. These pharmacists may participate in rounds and collaborate with physicians about the most appropriate treatment options for hospital residents. Some of the different hospitals or facilities in which pharmacists may work include long-term care and hospice facilities and psychiatric wards. Pharmacists may also play roles in the different departments within a general hospital.

*Ambulatory Care
Ambulatory care pharmacists typically work in clinics that provide patient care. A lot of these pharmacists participate in Coumadin clinic and make recommendations on Coumadin doses based on INR levels.

Pharmacogenomics is the study of a patient's response to drug therapy based on that individual's genetic profile. There are some companies out there that have pharmacists making drug recommendations to physicians based on the pharmacogenetic profile of a patient's metabolizing enzymes. It's sort of like a pharmacogenetic medication therapy management.

*Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
There are many opportunities within this aspect of pharmacy. Retail pharmacies are now starting to offer this service. There are also companies that offer work-from-home opportunities. What's also unique about this particular side of pharmacy practice is the opportunity to create one's own MTM business.

Drug safety--or the collection, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects of medications and other pharmaceutical products--is an important issue and another avenue that pharmacists can take. Adverse drug reactions are often collected during clinical trials. -
See more at:

The job outlook for pharmacists is good, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook of the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Employment of pharmacists is projected to grow 14 percent from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Increased demand for prescription medications will lead to more demand for pharmaceutical services. In addition, pharmacists must have a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), a 4-year professional degree. They also must be licensed, which requires passing two exams. In May 2012, the median annual wage for pharmacists was $116,670.

To browse for a pharmacist job, go to DiversityWorking.com and click on this link.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Strategy to Establish Effective Communication in Culturally Diverse Ambience from Christmas Onwards

Do you belong to a corporate environment that features employees of different cultural backgrounds and nationalities? Then we believe that their languages of communication, problem solving approaches and values will also be different from that of yours. This signifies that you have opted for the option of diversity jobs for establishing your professional career successfully.
However, while pursuing a prosperous career in this environment you should ensure that the richness of your culture as well as that of your coworkers is not at jeopardy. To be honest, any wrong step can wreck havoc to this distinctive organizational culture of yours. Therefore, we have presented some golden tips on establishing effective communication in your organization. You must follow these  tips right from this Christmas so that all your employs willingly participate in the Christmas merriment by forgetting their differences. Check them out. 

  •   Identify How Do the Employees Want Information

You will be overwhelmed to know that employees representing different cultural backgrounds have varying opinion about the source that delivers important corporate information to them. For instance, while an employee belonging to a specific culture will have more reliance on verbal information that he gets from the managers, another employee from a different cultural background might find information sent to him through the news and bulletin board  of the organization. Now, you might have planned to announce it officially that from Christmas onwards you will have a different corporate strategy  for acknowledging the positive outcome of cultural diversity jobs.  Then you have to identify a source that will have universal appeal to all the employees.
  •    Provide Proper Training Right from the Beginning
In case you are a team leader of your concern, you will never be able to create harmonized corporate environment  if you overlook the importance of diversity training. In absence of proper training, your staffs will gradually develop misconceptions and selfish approaches towards each other. They will even develop prejudiced attitude towards all the corporate policies that the organization takes. At times, things might become so critical that they will tend to see biasness in the approach of the administration and the top level managers when they celebrate international festivals like Christmas and New Year within the office premises.  Thus, your project of making your teammates acknowledge the fruits of cultural diversity in the workplace can only prove successful when you train the teammates right from the beginning.

  •  Supervise their Development
You should always remember that at the end of the diversity training what will actually count is how successful you have been in making your staffs respect each other’s cultures and develop sharing-caring relationship with each other.  Thus, you can only affirm that your employees will have better communication with each other  this Christmas onwards  if you gauge their development. Hence, simultaneous with providing them cultural diversity training in the workplace, you need to supervise the improvement each of them is showing. Creating several culturally heterogeneous sub-groups, providing universally applicable diversity training modules and assigning a mentor for each of the groups will help in streamlining the process. 

  •   Refrain from using Culturally Distinctive Languages
Since you have taken the promise to establish effective inter-cultural communication in your culturally diverse working environment, you have to be careful about your approach. Never use colloquial language in the office that might appear unrecognizable for the non-national and culturally diverse employees. In nutshell, you must abstain yourself from using any sort of jargon or slang that  makes up get wrongly interpreted by your teammates as culturally biased. This is because such simple yet highly significant habits can lead to glass ceiling effect and stereotyping in the organization. As a result, your teammates will not participate with you in the project. Eventually, you will fail in establishing any sort of amicable communication amongst the culturally diverse employees for at least ten more Christmases in future.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

DiversityWorking.com Announces Microsoft Opening for a Retail Channel Manager

DiversityWorking.com announces a Microsoft opening for a Retail Channel Manager for Seattle, WA.

Job Overview
This position is the only role within the Microsoft Supply Chain organization that manages customer relationships, acting as the face of the Microsoft Supply Chain to our largest and most strategic retail partners and acting as the voice of the customer back into the organization.
Job Responsibilities
Drive optimal retail in-stock and inventory weeks of supply to maximize revenue opportunities, ensure on-shelf presence and mitigate returns exposure
Partner closely with Sales, acting as the main Supply Chain representative for an account(s),identifying and then driving Supply Chain account plans and joint value strategies
Programmatically oversee order-to-cash fulfillment and an account’s order book, ensuring that Microsoft is flawlessly managing customer order fulfillment expectations in a cost efficient manner
Ensure that customer-in and key Channel metrics are understood and actioned accordingly, including root cause investigation and leading the cross-team efforts necessary to drive improvement
Job Qualifications
3+ years retail inventory management experience with a national retail chain, or with a supplier providing products to national retail chains or equivalent experience
Supply chain experience, preferably in retail planning (demand/supply) or in an inventory management role
A proven track record for improving inventory productivity and revenue opportunities across all stages of the product lifecycle
Strong understanding of an end to end Supply Chain and the value / cost drivers that Supply Chain can drive
For more job details and to apply, click on this link.

Freelancing, The New Way to Work

Nowadays, opting for freelance jobs is the new way to work, and doing this is suitable for people who want more flexibility in their work hours.

By 2020, more than 40% of the US workforce will be so-called contingent workers, according to a study conducted by software company Intuit in 2010. We are quickly becoming a nation of permanent freelancers and temps. In 2006, the last time the federal government counted, the number of independent and contingent workers—contractors, temps, and the self-employed—stood at 42.6 million, or about 30% of the workforce. Read more here:

That was last year. Today, one report says, more than 53 million Americans are doing freelance work.

Another report says that while virtually any job in any industry can be a freelance job, there are some industries that are more freelance-friendly than others. Analysis of the data found that the top career categories for freelance jobs are education, entertainment, healthcare, graphic design, computer and IT, accounting and finance, translation, writing, web development, consulting, and sales and marketing. Read more here:

See this story of a university professor freelancing as a waitress after her teaching hours. She writes:
"In a city like Las Vegas, many customer-service jobs generate far more cash (with fewer work hours) than entry-level, office-dwelling, degree-requiring jobs. It can be hard to convince my 19-year-old students that the latter is more profitable or of greater personal value. My adjunct-teaching colleagues have large course loads and, mostly, graduate-level educations, but live just above the poverty line. In contrast, my part-time work in the Vegas service industry has produced three times more income than my university teaching. (I’ve passed up the health benefits that come with full-time teaching, a luxury foreign to the majority of adjuncts at other universities, to make time for my blue-collar work.)"

Visit DiversityWorking.com, and see information about freelance writing jobs.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DiversityWorking.Com Announces Shimadzu Scientific Instruments' Renewal of Membership

DiversityWorking.com, a career opportunity resource and job search engine for the cultural diversity marketplace, announces the renewal of a 2 year-membership by one its most valued diversity company clients, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, is one of the largest global suppliers of analytical instrumentation, physical testing, and environmental monitoring systems. Shimadzu is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and always has an open door for any highly-qualified male, female, disabled or veteran who is interested in joining its distinct community of quality people of diverse backgrounds, talents and perspectives.

Committed to diversity and inclusion, and for its continued search for top-caliber diversity talents, Shimadzu has renewed its fruitful partnership with DiversityWorking.com, whose mission is to help companies promote their jobs, build their brand and send targeted and qualified diversity candidates directly to the best jobs possible.

To find out more about Shimadzu job opportunities and to apply, click here.

Microsoft Hiring WW Business Architect

Microsoft Corporation, the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions, and a diversity company member of DiversityWorking.com, announces several job openings in line with its continuous expansion. It is currently hiring a WW Business Architect for Redmond, Washington

Job Overview
The WW Business Architect will be part of Microsoft's Specialist Team Unit, and will be responsible for aligning and refining the core sales approach for execution by the field in transformational areas. This role will require one to be a senior strategic business leader with a proven track record in Microsoft and who can translate BG and corporate strategy into attainable execution for their field sellers.
Job Requirements
The ideal candidate for this position will have operational strength combined with true passion for the field who can engage directly when needed but also coach and guide sellers/field leaders.
A candidate must have  10+ years' experience in specialist sales with a preference for strategic influence connected to the Field organization inside Microsoft. 
Strong project and program management skills are a key requirement, and strong communication skills with the ability to work, and experience leading through influence in a cross-group environment. 

Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin, marital status, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other protected status.

For more details about the job and to apply, click on this link.


“Salmon, Egg & Pumpkin” and “Ocean Whitefish & Tuna” sound pretty delicious, right? These are the types of recipes Purina carefully formulates and develops for every breed and taste bud of every pet. They believe in feeding dogs and cats with the same care and delight as we, as humans, feed ourselves. Each can and bag is packed with pure passion and nutrition that nourishes the whole pet.
They credit their very own Chef Amanda for cultivating much of Purina’s diverse culinary culture to date. Her role within the Purina Family is particularly unique, as she creates human recipes and experiences with the intention of inspiring their people who are responsible for developing the pet food recipes that go to market.
“I want to make sure our pets are getting the full food experience that we humans get,” Chef Amanda said. “My goal is to bridge the gap between human food and pet food.”
Before joining the Purina Family, Chef Amanda spent nearly 20 years in the hospitality industry creating meals and recipes for people. When the opportunity to join manufacturing presented itself, she jumped at it knowing she would have the ability to have an enormous impact.
“After 13 years of working in human food manufacturing, the opportunity to work at Purina was irresistible, especially since Purina products are the ones that I buy for my family,” Amanda said.
Amanda openly expresses that Purina has truly become a place she is forever proud to call home. Her ability to instill a love for food and passion for pets into the intricate steps of developing recipes has made her job far more than a career; but a mission.
“I am very passionate about what I do here at Purina,” Amanda said. “After all, it combines two of my favorite things: food and pets. But the best part is that I am surrounded by people in all areas who are just as passionate about what they do and the products that we produce.”
As do many of the people who work at Purina, Chef Amanda also discovers her inspiration through the strength of the larger portfolio of brands and how well the company understands each different consumer and customer group. Amanda’s primary – and accepted – challenge is to transform life-appropriate, current food trends in a way that can translate to dogs and cats everywhere. And that’s the ‘meat’ of what makes her job her love.

Chef Amanda and her cat, Ari, at work.

Chef Amanda at Purina’s Culinary Center

Microsoft Commits Strongly to Diversity

Microsoft Corporation has long been known as an advocate of workplace diversity, and commits more strongly to it.

in his first shareholder meeting as chief executive of Microsoft Corp., Satya Nadella emphasized one message: Diversity matters. "We will make progress every year towards building a more diverse workforce and creating opportunities at every level of the company for all of Microsoft’s employees," Nadella said at the meeting, which was attended by several hundred shareholders and featured a cameo appearance from former CEO Steve Ballmer. Read more here:

At its annual shareholder’s meeting, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Chairman John Thompson fielded a series of questions from the Reverend Jesse Jackson concerning diversity inside the technology company...The set of queries gave Microsoft a chance to address how it approaches the issue. Nadella noted in his initial response that diversity was “core to everything” at his firm, and is “not something that [Microsoft does] on the side.” He followed that remark by directly committing to Jackson’s diversity data release requests, saying that they would be “done by the end of [the] month.” Read more here:

In a related news, Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition did a study on the racial and gender diversity makeup of 20 tech companies. According to the news, RPC then published a report which showed African-Americans, Latinos and women are severely underrepresented within these companies – accounting for 0-3 percent of their tech workforce. The study showed similar low diversity within the companies’ board of directors. The 20 companies have 189 board members – 153 men and 36 women – and just three companies, Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce, have an African-American or Latino on their board. Read more:

Saturday, December 6, 2014

eCommerce Director Job Available at Hobby Lobby

The job position for an eCommerce Director, Oklahoma City, is now available at Hobby Lobby, which is partnering with DiversityWorking.com in its search for the best candidate to fill the post.

Among some of the job responsibilities of an eCommerce Director include
analyzing, reviewing, recommending and building strategic and tactical initiatives to drive profitability of the company's ecommerce business by increasing visitors, improving conversion rates, capturing larger average order sizes and maintaining margin performance. 

The candidate best suited for the position is one with, among other requirements:
  • 5+ years’ experience managing websites
  • Proven leadership of large eCommerce projects
  • Experience with B2C or B2B eCommerce

  • The successful hire is expected to lead, develop, and maximize full potential of eCommerce staff, and will receive a great compensation package with excellent benefits, such as:
    • Corporate Clinic Access
    • 401K Plan
    • Medical, Dental and Flexible Spending Benefits
    • Holiday Pay
    • Great Work Environment
    For more information about the job and to apply, click here.

    Hobby Lobby in Search of Photographer

    Hobby Lobby, a diversity company member of DiversityWorking.com, and partnering with it, is in search of qualified candidates who can fill the position of a professional Photographer, for Oklahoma City.

    Among the various responsibilities the job entails are photographing products and individuals in many different settings with sales in mind, as well as editing and preparing pictures for website, product development, and graphic design.

    Candidates must have experience with various products including large-scale sets, home interiors, small products and individuals. Candidates must also have experience with studio lighting and on-site locations. The company is likewise considering a person with excellent time management skills.

    For the successful hire, an excellent compensation package with great benefits is given, and these include, among others:
  • Holiday Pay
  • Personal Paid Time Off
  • Paid Vacation Leave
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Medical and Prescription Plan
  • Corporate Clinic Access
  • Dental Plan

  • For more information about the job and to apply, click here.

    PT Cashiers Needed at Hobby Lobby

    Hobby Lobby, in partnership with DiversityWorking.com, is in search of the right candidates to fill positions for part-time Cashier, Cedar Parks, Texas.

    The job involves providing excellent customer service, performing sales transactions, bagging or packaging the purchased items, handling returns and exchanges, and other related tasks. 

    Hobby Lobby needs positive, energetic people who are friendly, and like to interact with customers. Good Math skills and an ability to multi-task are highly preferred.

    For more information about the job, and to apply, click on this here.

    Hobby Lobby Hiring Team Drivers

    Hobby Lobby, a privately held corporation and diversity company, partnering with DiversityWorking.com, is currently searching for experienced and dedicated individuals for hiring as Team Drivers for Kansas City, KS.

    Teams will run 5,000+miles per week on established weekly routes, and the position needs drivers with at least 1 year on the road experience.
    For the successful hires, there are exciting benefits that await them:
    • Medical and Dental Insurance 
    • Life Insurance 
    • 401(K) 
    • Competitive mileage pay
    • Downtime and stops 
    • Vacation pay
    For more information about the job, click here

    Hobby Lobby Needs Grand Opening Advertising Coordinator

    Hobby Lobby, partnering with DiversityWorking.com, is currently searching for an individual who enjoys variety and working in a fast-paced environment to fill in the position of Grand Opening Advertising Coordinator, Oklahoma City.

    The position entails planning, coordinating, and executing all advertising components that ensure successful Grand Openings/Grand Re-Openings and related events. The Grand Opening Advertising Coordinator must be able to research and initiate community relations, press releases, media buys and other related advertising duties.

    As such, the position requires someone with excellent communication skills, and organized and detail-oriented. An array of excellent benefits awaits the successful candidate:
    • 401(K) Plan
    • Medical and Prescription Benefits
    • Holiday Pay
    • Personal Paid Time Off
    • Vacation Pay
    • Term Life Insurance
    • Competitive Salaries 
    • Long Term Disability Insurance  
    • Flexible Benefits Accounts
    For more information on this job, click here

    Maintenance Technician Opening at Hobby Lobby

    Hobby Lobby, the country's largest retail chain in the arts and crafts industry, and a diversity company, has an opening for Maintenance Technician with Welding experience, Oklahoma City, DiversityWorking.com announces. 

    The position is under the Maintenance Department and requires experience in welding and the ability to maintain and troubleshoot on electrical, mechanical hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. 

    Candidates should likewise be able to carry heavy loads, and work in a warehouse environment. The successful hire will receive a package of excellent benefits that include:
    • Paid vacation
    • Sick leave 
    • 401(K) 
    • Health and Dental Insurance 
    • Life Insurance 
    • Store Discounts 
    • Advancement Opportunities 
    For more information about the job, click here.

    Hobby Lobby Opening for Photo Editor Announced by DiversityWorking.com

    DiversityWorking.com, in partnership with its diversity company member, Hobby Lobby, announces a job opening for a Photo Editor in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    The position of Photo Editor is for the company's E-Commerce department and entails image correction; retouching; cropping/resizing and other such tasks, and the company needs an individual who is highly creative in this field.

    A strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is required as well as extremely good eye for detail and ability to ensure a consistent high quality image. Experience in editing product photography and strong organizational skills are highly desirable for this position.

    For more information, click here.

    Co-Manager Post Opens at Hobby Lobby

    DiversityWorking.com, on behalf of Hobby Lobby, one of its diversity company members, announces an opening for the post Co-Manager, Columbus, Nebraska.

    Hobby Lobby, a company who values people, is in search of highly qualified candidates who will be responsible for the successful operations of the seasonal department and the handling of the merchandise presentation. The co-manager will be partnering with the Store Manager to meet the goals of the store.

    Experience in having built, trained and motivated teams to achieve high standards in customer service, store operations and financial goals is a big factor.

    For more information about this job opening, click here.

    Visual Merchandiser Needed at Hobby Lobby

    DiversityWorking.com, in partnership with Hobby Lobby, the largest US arts and crafts retail chain, announces an opening for Visual Merchandiser located at Lewisville, Texas.

    The position requires a creative, self-motivated individual with knowledge of design concepts and color/ lighting principles, as well as a great desire to learn.

    The post entails decorating, merchandising, coordination & placement of new merchandise, and delivery of world class service, among others.

    An array of excellent benefits awaits the successful candidate, that includes:
    • 401K Program
    • Health and Dental Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Merchandise Discount
    • Paid Vacation
    • Performance Incentive Bonus
    • Advancement Opportunities
    To view more info, click this link

    Wednesday, December 3, 2014

    DiversityWorking.com Announces Hobby Lobby Jobs for Oklahoma City Part 2

    DiversityWorking.com announces more Hobby Lobby jobs available for the company's Oklahoma City locations. Hobby Lobby, America's leading retail arts and crafts store chain, partners with DiversityWorking.com in its search for the best diversity talents for its various locations across the country.

    Technical Support Rep II
    Job Description: Provides moderately complex technical support to associates via email, phone, or other methods. Reports to supervisor or Director. Write New/Change Sheets for PC’s and Software, Key in to Mardel PC Database. Log problems reported in Magic Database, build Knowledge Base, FAQ.

    Job Requirements:

    * Excellent working knowledge of core Microsoft Windows applications and Networking.
    * Knowledge of Mac OS and Microsoft SQL Server would be helpful.
    * Knowledge of Ethernet and Wi-Fi hardware, theory, topology, physical connections.
    * Knowledge of PC hardware, BIOS settings, expansion slots, controllers, drive types, RAM.
    * Ability to log, track, and provide problem diagnosis and resolutions on computing issues. 
    * 3-6 years of computer systems experience in 500-user or greater Microsoft Windows Domain.
    Click on the job title for more details and to apply. 

    Stockroom/Sales Clerk
    Job Description: Provides superior customer service, assisting customers in locating merchandise throughout the store, and carrying and loading merchandise into customers’ vehicles. This includes keeping the store well stocked and maintained for convenient shopping.
    Job Requirements:
    * Willingness to approach customers & offer assistance
    * Safely operate power equipment
    * Ability to use company software
    * Flexible schedule to accommodate day, night & weekend shifts
    * High School diploma or equivalent
    * Exceptional customer service skills
    * Excellent listening and oral communication skills
    * Ability to repetitively lift 100 or more pounds.
    Click on the job title for more details and to apply. 

    Social Media Writer
    Job Description: Primarily focus on creative writing and will be responsible for writing content for social media platforms. 
    Job Functions: 

    * Writing social media optimized posts that provide exceptional content for the reader first and foremost, and inform customers of affiliated products in a contextual way
    * Applying developed knowledge of writing skills to various social media platforms
    *Being a positive and confident communicator with a variety of colleagues within the department

    Job Requirements:

    * Strong writing skills
    * Excellent verbal and written communication skills (including proofreading and editing)
    * Must be organized and extremely detail oriented
    * Must be self-motivated and work well without direct supervision

    Click on the job title for more details and to apply.