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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Microsoft Commits Strongly to Diversity

Microsoft Corporation has long been known as an advocate of workplace diversity, and commits more strongly to it.

in his first shareholder meeting as chief executive of Microsoft Corp., Satya Nadella emphasized one message: Diversity matters. "We will make progress every year towards building a more diverse workforce and creating opportunities at every level of the company for all of Microsoft’s employees," Nadella said at the meeting, which was attended by several hundred shareholders and featured a cameo appearance from former CEO Steve Ballmer. Read more here:

At its annual shareholder’s meeting, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Chairman John Thompson fielded a series of questions from the Reverend Jesse Jackson concerning diversity inside the technology company...The set of queries gave Microsoft a chance to address how it approaches the issue. Nadella noted in his initial response that diversity was “core to everything” at his firm, and is “not something that [Microsoft does] on the side.” He followed that remark by directly committing to Jackson’s diversity data release requests, saying that they would be “done by the end of [the] month.” Read more here:

In a related news, Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition did a study on the racial and gender diversity makeup of 20 tech companies. According to the news, RPC then published a report which showed African-Americans, Latinos and women are severely underrepresented within these companies – accounting for 0-3 percent of their tech workforce. The study showed similar low diversity within the companies’ board of directors. The 20 companies have 189 board members – 153 men and 36 women – and just three companies, Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce, have an African-American or Latino on their board. Read more:

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