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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Strategy to Establish Effective Communication in Culturally Diverse Ambience from Christmas Onwards

Do you belong to a corporate environment that features employees of different cultural backgrounds and nationalities? Then we believe that their languages of communication, problem solving approaches and values will also be different from that of yours. This signifies that you have opted for the option of diversity jobs for establishing your professional career successfully.
However, while pursuing a prosperous career in this environment you should ensure that the richness of your culture as well as that of your coworkers is not at jeopardy. To be honest, any wrong step can wreck havoc to this distinctive organizational culture of yours. Therefore, we have presented some golden tips on establishing effective communication in your organization. You must follow these  tips right from this Christmas so that all your employs willingly participate in the Christmas merriment by forgetting their differences. Check them out. 

  •   Identify How Do the Employees Want Information

You will be overwhelmed to know that employees representing different cultural backgrounds have varying opinion about the source that delivers important corporate information to them. For instance, while an employee belonging to a specific culture will have more reliance on verbal information that he gets from the managers, another employee from a different cultural background might find information sent to him through the news and bulletin board  of the organization. Now, you might have planned to announce it officially that from Christmas onwards you will have a different corporate strategy  for acknowledging the positive outcome of cultural diversity jobs.  Then you have to identify a source that will have universal appeal to all the employees.
  •    Provide Proper Training Right from the Beginning
In case you are a team leader of your concern, you will never be able to create harmonized corporate environment  if you overlook the importance of diversity training. In absence of proper training, your staffs will gradually develop misconceptions and selfish approaches towards each other. They will even develop prejudiced attitude towards all the corporate policies that the organization takes. At times, things might become so critical that they will tend to see biasness in the approach of the administration and the top level managers when they celebrate international festivals like Christmas and New Year within the office premises.  Thus, your project of making your teammates acknowledge the fruits of cultural diversity in the workplace can only prove successful when you train the teammates right from the beginning.

  •  Supervise their Development
You should always remember that at the end of the diversity training what will actually count is how successful you have been in making your staffs respect each other’s cultures and develop sharing-caring relationship with each other.  Thus, you can only affirm that your employees will have better communication with each other  this Christmas onwards  if you gauge their development. Hence, simultaneous with providing them cultural diversity training in the workplace, you need to supervise the improvement each of them is showing. Creating several culturally heterogeneous sub-groups, providing universally applicable diversity training modules and assigning a mentor for each of the groups will help in streamlining the process. 

  •   Refrain from using Culturally Distinctive Languages
Since you have taken the promise to establish effective inter-cultural communication in your culturally diverse working environment, you have to be careful about your approach. Never use colloquial language in the office that might appear unrecognizable for the non-national and culturally diverse employees. In nutshell, you must abstain yourself from using any sort of jargon or slang that  makes up get wrongly interpreted by your teammates as culturally biased. This is because such simple yet highly significant habits can lead to glass ceiling effect and stereotyping in the organization. As a result, your teammates will not participate with you in the project. Eventually, you will fail in establishing any sort of amicable communication amongst the culturally diverse employees for at least ten more Christmases in future.

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