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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hobby Lobby: On with Jobs Hiring and Store Expansions Amid Legal Battle

Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., the embattled arts and crafts retail giant, standing firmly on its Christian beliefs that ground their corporate mission, has grown big since its first store opening in 1972, and continues to expand with more store openings and provide jobs to many despite the legal challenge it faces with regards to its opposition to some parts of the Affordable Care Act.

In a brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, 19 Democratic senators are siding with the Obama administration, and  the senators—five of them women—argue in their “friend of the court” brief that the owners of the Oklahoma-based crafts store chain Hobby Lobby are not exempt from the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate simply because some forms of birth control offend their religious beliefs. Read more here

Unfazed and truly committed to serving its customers with exceptional selection of goods and value, Hobby Lobby recently announced the opening of 2 new stores. These openings then pave the way for more job hirings by this great company.

Hobby Lobby will open its second New Hampshire store in a new shopping center planned for Route 1. The Oklahoma-based national arts, crafts and home decor retailer has announced plans to occupy space in the 145,000-square-foot Seabrook Crossing being built at 21 Chevy Chase Road at the intersection of Rout 1 and Provident Way. Read more here

Hobby Lobby confirms it has signed a lease on Highway 111 where construction on a new 55,000-square-foot store is expected to begin in the next few months, according to Randy Betts, senior vice president of store operations. The store is expected to open in the third quarter of the year and hire 35 to 45 people. Full-time workers will make $14 an hour and part-time $9.50, Betts said. Read more here

Hobby Lobby, THE place to shop, is a world of job opportunity worth exploring where dedication and achievement are rewarded.

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8 Tips to Get Most Out of Your Diversity Referral Program

Employee referral programs (ERPs) are considered to be one of the most effective ways to seek job candidates and hire the best among them. In fact, many companies these days are getting more aware of the concept of networking among their professional and personal circles as well as taking advantage of  social media to bolster their respective diversity referral programs

However, referral programs can sometimes thwart such objectives as changing corporate culture, assembling a workforce with a new set of skills or bolstering diversity, says John Sumser, a recruiting consultant and author. Companies also should remember that employees may not always make sound decisions when it comes to referrals, and employers unfamiliar with referral programs can inadvertently create an HR phenomenon known as inbreeding, which occurs when companies continuously recruit candidates that are virtual clones of the existing workforce population. Read more here

Here are 8 tips on how to make the most of your company's ERPs to increase diversity referrals
culled from among the best thought leaders in the HR field:
1. Give preference to the recruiting of diverse individuals, such as these among other examples:
  • Pro-actively seek out your diverse employees and ask them to play a major role in referrals.
  • Have the CEO make it known to all employees that increasing diversity referrals is the firm’s number one recruiting priority.
  • Put diversity recruiting on the same level as other high-profile corporate priorities.
2. Directly reward the referrers:
  • Make diversity hiring a primary reward criteria for the CEO and all senior executives.
  • Increase the referral bonus for diversity referrals (from 25% to 100%).
  • Reward employees a small amount for just submitting the names and phone numbers of diversity candidates.
3. Create events:

  • Encourage employees and provide funding for them to attend events with high diversity attendance
  • Assign employees who are attending seminars, trade fairs, and professional association events the “role” of diversity recruiter at the event.
4. Interviews:
5.  Continually track diversity referrals by every individual manager, still according to Dr. Sullivan.
  • In addition, tracking the demographic component of the existing workforce and whether employee referral programs are providing candidates who reflect diversity is important for compliance, says Dianna Johnston, assistant legal counsel with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Washington. See
6. Publicize the successes.
  • The more success stories people hear about, the more they will want to get involved to win those nice rewards.
7. Consider adding external referrers.
8. Use the Performance-based hiring system.
  • A properly prepared performance profile can identify and document the essential functions of a job better than traditional position descriptions, facilitating the reasonable accommodation of disabilities and making it easier to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and similar laws. - David Goldstein a senior attorney with Littler Mendelson, a highly respected U.S. labor law firm. And according to Lou Adler, this opens up the door to a whole new pool of more diverse, younger, older, military veterans, displaced workers and the physically challenged. Read more here

This last tip should be considered more in terms of providing support to your diversity referrral program. In sum, what will ultimately drive your diversity referral program to success are your passionate, dedicated commitment to diversity as you go through each step of the referral process, and knowing how to appreciate and reward people who help you get the best diversity hires for your organization, as you focus on your company's main goals.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

McGraw Hill Financial: Investing On Diversity

McGraw Hill Financial is a leader in credit ratings, benchmarks and analytics for the global capital and commodity markets. Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services, S&P Capital IQ, S&P Dow Jones Indices, Platts, J.D. Power, and McGraw Hill Construction are the iconic brands in finance and business comprising McGraw Hill roster of businesses.
The goal of McGraw Hill Financial is to be an employer of choice and a diversity leader, and they measure success by the engagement of their employees and the satisfaction of their customers and shareholders. Thus, diversity and inclusion are essential to the Corporation's way of conducting business.

What then is a diversity workplace? For McGraw Hill Financial, it is an inclusive environment that respects and values each individual, their experience, perspective and contribution to the Corporation. This commitment to diversity extends beyond equal employment opportunity obligations; it is a value that is imperative to the Corporation's business success.

Among the diversity awards it garnered in 2012 were the following:

  • Top 25 Noteworth by Diversity Inc.
  • Top 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers Award from Working Mother Magazine
  • 2012 Best Companies for Diversity from Black Enterprise Magazine
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Bed Bath & Beyond Gains 18% Increase in Q2 Profit

Truly, Bed Bath & Beyond is a leader in diversity committed to satisfying their customers through innovative approaches, bringing them gainful profits in return.

Bed Bath & Beyond reported an 18 percent jump in second-quarter profit, as the U.S. housing market recovery spurred demand for consumer home products. The retailer leverages mobile in-store signage through SMS sign-ups. The SMS program features a mobile calls-to-action in its retail stores to attract consumers. Bed Bath & Beyond aims to add mobile touch points and promotional codes to encourage engagement between its stores and consumers.
Read more here

Also recently, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc.(NASDAQ:BBBY) closed the other day at $66.06, a -1.64% decrease. Around 4.12 million shares were traded, beating an-average trading volume of 2.68 million shares. The company is now valued at around $14.06 billion. Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. is a chain of retail stores, operating under the names Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB), Christmas Tree Shops (CTS), Harmon and Harmon Face Values (Harmon), buybuy BABY and World Market or Cost Plus World Market (World Market). In addition, it is a partner in a joint venture, which operates three stores in the Mexico City market under the name Bed Bath & Beyond. Read more here

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Harmon Face Values: Diversity Sells

Harmon Face Values, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bed Bath & Beyond, is one of the tri-state area's leading cosmetics, health and beauty retailers with 47 free standing stores in NJ, NY, CT, FL and PA. Plus, Harmon "store within a store" in many Bed Bath & Beyond, Christmas Tree Shops and buybuy BABY locations. 

Customer satisfaction has always been the goal of Harmon Face Values, committed to providing superior customer service and delivering an exceptional selection of products to choose from. Towards that goal, Harmon Face Values is committed to providing equal opportunity to all and to diversity

The Company believes that creating a diverse workforce contributes to the strong bond their associates have with their customers. With their commitment to diversity and the outstanding
opportunities for professional and personal growth they offer to all their associates, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, lawful alien status, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, citizenship status, veteran status or any other basis prohibited by applicable law, Harmon Face Values is able to enjoy a high associate retention rate.

One gets employed on the basis of job-related qualifications. What more, working at Harmon Face Values, one enjoys a work environment free from any form of harassment, unlawful discrimination and intimidation. All their challenging diversity careers are worth getting into for they are all stimulating, fulfilling and rewarding. 

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Sandvik Coromant Recognizes Importance of Certifications for Skilled Jobs in Manufacturing

Most professional careers like doctors, lawyers and teachers require the highest degree of education, national licensing by the government as well as accreditation by their respective professional organizations prior to practising one's professional job. This is to assure that the practise of one's profession is according to the highest skills and ethical standards.

Likewise in the business industry, skills accreditation is important.
"As an employer, it is important to know the capabilities of a candidate — especially when you are relying on them to add to the value of your business and your customers' businesses," noted Jamie Price, president of Sandvik Coromant USA. "NIMS Certifications are the easiest way for a candidate to show his or her area of expertise. That credential on your resume shows that you can be trusted with a business' production and processes," he added. Read more here

In a related article on the importance of national certifications for skilled jobs, it is said that nationally recognized certifications assist your team in hiring the right people, with the right skills and abilities, to make your company more successful, if not feared by your competitors.

Sandvik Coromant: Diversity Through Openmindedness

Sandvik Coromant is the world’s leading supplier of tools, tooling solutions and know-how to the metalworking industry. Sandvik Coromant is a global organization that is part of the industrial group Sandvik, and thus it aligns itself to the Sandvik code of conduct.

The Sandvik Code of Conduct is part of the Power of Sandvik, the common platform for Sandvik's way of doing business. Coupled with this is the Spirit of Sandvik that makes Sandvik an employer of choice and why Sandvik can be a great place for anyone to develop their career.

At Sandvik Coromant, being open-minded has enabled the Company to follow a
multi-cultural approach in recruiting people from diverse backgrounds for decades. The Company adheres to the core values of Diversity and Inclusion: diversity certainly gives them ground rules but inclusion is their everyday attitude and behavior.

The rationale behind Sandvik's commitment to diversity and inclusion is that these twin values contribute greatly to greater creativity and innovation within the Company, and they see it as a competitive advantage and an integral part of modern society. It also supports Sandvik's desire to identify and fulfill the needs of their global and local customers.

At Sandvik Coromant, new ideas are encouraged and great possibilities for development are provided. Indeed, with such global mind-set and with the main goal of contributing to the success of each of their employees, Sandvik Coromant is a great place to manufacture one's career.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How 'Unconscious Bias' Affects Workplace Decisions

Nowadays, there is a new diversity topic: hidden or unconscious biases that may color one's judgement while making important workplace decisions. Being human beings, everyone is prone to having such, and in the workplace, if these are left unchecked, the results would be drastic and costly.

Research on hidden bias reveals that unconscious preferences are common – creating barriers, limiting creativity and the quality of relationships we have with those around us. These biases can range from obvious physical characteristics like gender, race, ethnicity and age, to more subtle ones like personality and experiences. Read more about the research here

Although hidden bias is common, it can affect hiring, promotions, evaluations, and dismissals, which is extremely harmful for companies trying to grow and diversify. Read more

What then are diversity companies doing to mitigate the negative effect of hidden or unconscious biases?

As they struggle to diversify their workforces, big businesses are teaching staffers to recognize that "unconscious bias"—or an implicit preference for certain groups—often influences important workplace decisions. BAE, a major defense contractor, is among the growing number of U.S. corporations offering training programs aimed at overcoming these hidden biases. At Microsoft, the training helps hold leaders "accountable for building a diverse culture," a spokeswoman says. Diversity specialists say, companies that pair training with such tactics as joint interviews of applicants and requirements that candidate slates include diverse prospects tend to see faster improvement. Read this article in full here

In a related study on 'unconscious bias,' a concept called 'skin tone memory bias' is explored. Professors at San Francisco State University released a study titled "When an 'Educated' Black Man Becomes Lighter in the Mind’s Eye." The study claims to provide evidence for the subconscious bias where educated black men are remembered as having lighter skin. The claim adds fervor to the implication that successful black people are thought of as exceptions to their race rather than examples of what people within that race are capable of. Read more here

Gender Diversity: Its Benefits On Business

A recent Gallup study has revealed that hiring a demographically diverse workforce can improve a company's financial performance. More specifically, gender diversity is vital to any workplace; it simply makes bottom-line business sense. The study of more than 800 business units from two companies representing two different industries -- retail and hospitality -- finds that gender-diverse business units have better financial outcomes than those dominated by one gender. And if the gender-diverse business units are also highly engaged, financial performance improves dramatically. The research also cites as prime reason gender-diverse teams perform better than single-gender team: Men and women have different viewpoints, ideas, and market insights, which enables better problem solving. Read more of the reasons and what companies should do.

Gender-diversity being good bottom-line business sense is also the main point of Caroline Turner in her article,"Why You Need to Retain Women: The Business Case for Gender Diversity," (2012), as she cites the following benefits:

  •  Catalyst, a research and consulting organization focusing on women in business, and McKinsey have both shown correlations between gender diversity in leadership and the bottom line. 
  •  According to The Shriver Report, women are now half of the workforce and hiring pool.
  •  A diverse culture that mirrors its markets tends to do better than its homogeneous competitors. 
  •  There is more bang for the buck. Women’s needs and approaches to work are shared by other growing sectors of the workforce. Read more

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Diversity in a New Paradigm: Economic Inclusion

Creating a workforce diversity and sustaining an environment of diverity and inclusion begins with a clear understanding of what diversity means as well as the business rationale behind it. See 5 SMART Diversity Recruitment Strategies

In a recent article she did for the National Journal, Anise Wiley-Little, a human-resources and diversity specialist, presents new ways of thinking of diversity, which she also wrote in her 2013 book, Profitable Diversity: How Economic Inclusion Can Lead to Success, called "Class, Economics, Race, and Gender." Her analysis on how to re-think diversity on a higher level than equity in race and gender, and shift to a new understanding within the context of poverty and class is worth pondering on. This means recognizing the role of social challenges plays in hampering real diversity, fairness and economic success.

According to Wiley-Little, "Diversity had an early foundation in equity in regard to race and gender. As progress with diversity is elevated, keep an open mind by looking for greater advancements in the field because a clear vision of what is really happening around us is necessary." Thus, she poses:  Is it time to think about diversity in a new paradigm?

Highlights of Wiley-Little's analysis:

  •  The recognition of poverty and class leads us to the next level of discussion, which is to ask who is focusing on these broader issues.
  •  When we have to continually justify the existence of diversity and its advantages or disadvantages, the business case development, which may be clear to some, continues to hold an elusive promise for others.
  • Lack of Opportunity -  To affect this lack, it must start early, much earlier than college or upon entry to the workplace, which is where most organizations want to spend their time and money. The only place that touches most children consistently is school, which is where change begins. 
  • Social Justice -  Profitable diversity can be seen as a measure of success that provides an advantage (...) In order to move closer to any of these benefits of diversity, we must fully explore the tenets that may impact how we think about it, including the economics.
  • Access -  Institutional barriers still exist, although circumstances can and do have an impact on the long-term effects of one's success. 
  • The Economics - The premise of socioeconomic issues being a level of diversity does not ignore the complex history of the United States or the current issues of immigration affecting more than simply those crossing the borders of Texas, California, or Arizona.
  • Sponsorship - In most programs that want to see the advancement of the diverse population, participants tend to be over-mentored and under-sponsored based upon access.
In conclusion, Wiley-Little writes our socio-economic class is also a necessary part of what we bring to the table that defines how and who we are.

Read more here

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

5 SMART Diversity Recruitment Strategies

A new year has dawned, and it is a most propitious time for every diversity employer seriously committed to sustaining as well as improving the climate of diversity and inclusion in their organization to once more take a closer look at the diversity recruitment strategies they employ.

However, before employers can design and create their own diversity recruitment strategies, they should first be clear about what diversity means, since unless they do, their diversity recruiting efforts will fall short of their goals and expectations.

According to a scholarly article written by executive recruiter Katherine Jacobs, Ph.D., Managing Partner at the Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group, and research scholar Andrew Grant Thomas, Ph.D. Deputy Director of the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, diversity is defined as a meaningful differences in co-worker identities - race, gender, class, age, disability status, sexual orientation, and so on - and their thoughtful leveraging for valued organizational ends. The authors continue to explain that this definition encompasses three important features of workforce diversity, and once the meaning of diversity is clear, it is easier to build one's diversity recruitment strategic plan that is in ways that are personalized to the staffing, achievable within the confines of their individual contexts, and sustainable in the long term. Read more here

For 2014, here are five SMART diversity recruitment strategies from some diversity experts that will help you become more effective :

 1. S = Specific strategic diversity and inclusion plan: A holistic systems approach to diversity recruiting to be most effective considers the full-stream process from initial applicant sourcing through selection to onboarding, according to the MBD Group.

Microsoft, a diversity member company of DiversityWorking, and in DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity in 2013; among the 2013 DiversityInc Top 10 Companies for Asian-Americans; and also in the 2013 DiversityInc Top 10 Companies for People with Disabilities, among other recognitions, follow their own Global Diversity & Inclusion strategy, a fundamental link in their business priorities. See

2.  M = Measure one's progress: What gets measured gets done. This widely used adage addresses part of the diversity measurement issue. The emphasis on doing things and achieving results leads to the corollary, “do the right things.” Read more  

3.  A = Assessment of  current situation and determine what changes will best meet your business needs. The assessment and needs analyses provide the basis for a strategy and implementation plan for your diversity recruitment.  See here

4. R = Rationale for diversity: "Make sure people understand the business rationale for having a diverse workforce; otherwise diversity recruiting is misunderstood as preferences or affirmative action. Even though that business case is clear, we still have the challenge of making sure that white males and females don't feel excluded from the process, and that they don't feel they're going to lose" - this according to Barbara Stern, vice president of diversity at Brookline, Mass.-based Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, who acknowledges that diversity recruitment is a balancing act.  Read more here

5. T = Diversity Training and Development:  D&I training is most effective when it is part of a strategy focused on improving business results. The training should achieve certain workforce and workplace changes that it has been determined will help meet the organization's business objectives. The changes might involve developing new knowledge, skills, experiences, or action plans. Read more

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

GE Healthcare Goes Further Into Biologics Manufacturing Jobs for $1.06bn

GE (NYSE:GE), together with Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE:TMO), has announced very recently, that they have entered into an agreement for GE Healthcare to acquire Thermo Fisher's HyClone™ cell culture media and sera, and gene modulation and magnetic beads businesses for approximately $1.06 billion. The acquisition will allow GE to expand its offering of technologies for the discovery and manufacturing of innovative new medicines, vaccines and diagnostics in its growing Life Sciences business.

GE Healthcare spokesperson Val Jones said the three businesses have approximately 625 people, with facilities in the U.S., Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Belgium. Asked about any job cuts that might occur, Jones responded that "the knowledge and expertise of the Thermo Fisher employees who would join GE Healthcare as part of the acquisition will be key in the continuing growth of the GE Healthcare Life Sciences business. GE Healthcare values the highly talented employees that will be joining them."

Read more:

"By expanding our production facilities to three continents, we will be able to offer the biopharmaceutical industry greater confidence in the security of supply of cell culture media and sera, a key part of their production process,” added Kieran Murphy, president and CEO of GE Healthcare’s life sciences division. Read the full story here

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Hobby Lobby Comes Up with More Jobs in 2014

A series of new store openings by Hobby Lobby, the country's leader in the arts-and-crafts industry based in Oklahoma, will usher in more job opportunities in 2014.

In the latter part of last year, Hobby Lobby,  announced the 2014 opening of its new store to be located at 727 U.S. Hwy 62 East. Hobby Lobby is the second retailer in the arts-and-crafts category with plans for the Twin Lakes Area in 2014. It is said that Hobby Lobby will hire up to 40 employees to run the store. Read more here

Hobby Lobby’s 11th store in Arkansas will open in 2014, bringing about 35 to 50 jobs to the community paying $14 per hour for full time and $9.50 per hour for part-time associates. Read more here

Hobby Lobby also announced at about the same time last year that it will open a store in The Rim shopping center, on San Antonio's Northwest Side. The 55,000-square-foot store is expected to open in 2014. The company said it will bring between 35 to 50 jobs to the community. Read more about this here

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Microsoft's New CEO to be Announced in 2014

Months after Steve Ballmer announced plans to step down as chief executive, Microsoft heads into 2014 still searching for the right candidate. The new boss will be walking into a job where there's lots to celebrate and lots to worry about -- not the least being a company still seeking to figure out its place in a post-PC world. Perhaps the most pressing question facing Microsoft's next CEO will be whether it's worth keeping its different pieces together or recasting the company with fewer lines of business. Read more here

With a new CEO, pundits say Microsoft Windows will gain strength. Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT  ) will appoint the third CEO in its history, and the first that was not part of the original founding team. Microsoft has been transitioning into a devices and services company, and the next CEO will have the tough job of maintaining Microsoft's dominance in its core businesses while adapting to the changing technological landscape. 2014 will be an important year for Microsoft, and here's why.

Among the reasons being hazard as to why the search for a new Microsoft CEO is taking rather long is according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, current board members may be scaring off potential candidates. Read here

John W. Thompson, the director leading the CEO search, says the board is methodically seeking the right person for a complex role. But corporate directors, management consultants and some executives contacted about the job say the potential for boardroom clashes at Microsoft is a turnoff. Read more here

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top IT Jobs for 2014

The computer industry continues to grow and is said to be among the industries to watch for in 2014.

Industries connected to computer systems design (programming, systems integration, facilities management) have grown at mid- to high-teens percentages since 2010, according to Sageworks data. This is consistent with government reports of strong investment in software since 2009 as companies apparently try to eke out efficiencies with software instead of additional hires.
Sales growth for the last 12 months for these computer systems design and related services was 16%, according to Sageworks, a financial information company that collects and analyzes data on the performance of privately held companies. Read more here

Moreover, when it comes to overall job prospects for IT professionals, 2014 will look a lot like this year, with 32% of companies expecting to increase head count in their IT shops, compared with 33% in 2013, according to Computerworld's annual Forecast survey.
The top IT job skills that will be in demand for 2014 are as follows:

  • Programming/Application Development 
  • Help Desk/technical Support
  • Networking
  • Mobile Applications and Device Management
  • Project Management
  • Database Administration
  • Security Compliance/Governance
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics
Read in full here 

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Positive Job Prospects in 2014

While the global economy in 2013 was faced with challenges and difficulties, the new year ahead may usher in better things to come. As far as advanced economies like the U.S., some snippets of predictions reveal some positive outlook for the year 2014:

The good news is that economic performance will pick up modestly. Still, most advanced economies (the US, the eurozone, Japan, the UK, Australia, and Canada) will barely reach potential growth, or will remain below it. Read more here

United States: A gradual acceleration of economic activity is in prospect for 2014, with GDP growth expected at 2.6% (after a strong 4.1% in 3Q’13 which brought unemployment down to 7% in November), with little inflation to speak of. Read in full here

What then does this signify in terms of U.S. job opportunities in 2014?

Recent job gains and record highs in the stock market are signs that the U.S. economy is strengthening, leading many economists to believe job growth will continue into 2014. "If we could maintain a 3 percent–plus pace next year … I'm thinking so far we have in the second half of this year ... then yes, jobs prospects for everyone should improve," said Joseph A. LaVorgna, managing director and chief U.S. economist at Deutsche Bank Securities. However, there are still challenges ahead. Read more to see about the difficulties ahead here

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