Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Phillips 66: A Diversity-Driven Company for Global Relevance

Phillips66 is an American company involved in the business of providing technological expertise in research and development, highgrade petroleum coke upgrading and sulphur removal. It is is an advantaged downstream energy company, with segment-leading Refining and Marketing (R&M), Midstream and Chemicals businesses, with a strong worldwide workforce.

As such, diversity and inclusion is imperative to the Company's creating a world-class workforce that represents the global communities in which they live and work and ensuring an environment in which every individual’s contributions are valued. By inspiring collaboration, ensuring accountability, developing their talent, cultivating diversity of thought and living their values, Phillips 66 has successfully built a high-performing organization.

A strong key that lies behind the success of Phillips 66 is the extraordinary quality, diversity and talents of its employees, and this gives the Company an edge over its competitors. Hence, diversity is imperative in the business of Phillips 66.

Moreover, it is diversity that fuels the Company's drive for innovation, as it attracts an excellent pool of people from varied backgrounds, experiences and perspectives all contributing to the Company's success. It understands that diversity and inclusion goes beyond the confines of its offices and facilities to include communities where they live and operate around the globe.

By establishing community and business partnerships, Phillips 66 helps cultivate diverse talent, leadership and economic development. With a “can do spirit”, its talented, motivated employees afford the Company the drive and diversity of thought needed to compete and win in the future.

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