Friday, June 28, 2013

ConAgra Foods, Inc. - Good Food Through Diversity

ConAgraFoods, Inc., a global leader in the packaged food industry, is “one company with many stories.” It has a rich history dating back to 1919 when Nebraska Consolidated Mills was born. Its historical timeline shows many milestones, each revealing “the passions of innovative people, the imagination behind groundbreaking products and the qualiy that has endeared our brands to consumers across America.” From being once an agricultural business under its original name of Nebraska Consolidated Mills (NCM), it has fast grown “from many brands into one company.” ConAgra Foods, Inc. is now a name to reckon with in the food industry, both in the USA and across the globe.

Its corporate name is synonymous with “making food that gives you less to worry about and more to look forward to.” Indeed, ConAgra Foods, Inc. is committed to not only providing “products that deliver outstanding taste, nutrition and value, but also to demonstrating an unwavering dedication to doing what’s right, finding better ways to be a good steward of our environment and giving back to the communities we serve.”

Its corporate citizenship platform — Good for You, Good for the Community and Good for the Planet – has earned for itself the following achievements:

  • Fortune 500 company
  • One of the nation's leading food companies
  • $18 billion in net sales
  • 36,000+ employees
  • Its food can be found in 97 percent of America's households.
  • 28 brands are number one or number two in their categories.
  • 20 brands generate more than $100 million in sales each year.
  • 13 million packages of our food products are sold every day.

More significantly, ConAgra Foods cooks up “food that you love” with diveristy and inclusion as a key ingredient. It cultivates a culture of diversity and inclusion in which “employees can be authentic and know that their diverse thoughts and capabilities are valued.” In this way, ConAgra Foods is able to pay more close attention to how it can attract, retain and empower employees from all walks of life. In return, its employees help the Company build better stronger relationships “in the community, in the marketplace and with stakeholders.”

Giving momentum for the Company's drive for diversity and inclusion are its Employee Resource Networks (ERNs) that are not only social forums, but as business resource as well.
Each of the Company's 6 ERNs provide useful insights regarding organization and business in order for ConAgra Foods to “to deliver leadership development experiences, to create an environment for exploring our uniqueness and to provide community support through volunteer opportunities in the communities where we live and work.” These ERNs are also forums that gathers employees “from all cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles” helping them to grow professionally and personally. At the same time, ERNs help increase the diversity representation at all levels of the company.

With such engaging programs on diversity and inclusion, it is no wonder the people who work at ConAgra Foods, Inc. enjoy collaborating with one another in their individual uniqueness all towards the purpose of “making everyday foods in extraordinary ways.”

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