Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Phillips 66 breaks into Fortune 500’s top 5 list

Fuel refining and marketing firm Phillips 66 is the newest addition to Fortune 500's prestigious list of leading U.S. companies. The company successfully broke into the most-coveted list, which has been nearly exclusive to the same set of companies that held the top spot since the ranking began.

Phillips 66 ranked fourth among America's biggest companies in terms of total revenues. The company generated $169.6 billion in total revenue and around $4 billion in profit.

Phillips 66 is a member of DiversityWorking. The company not only supports initiatives and advocacies that promote employment diversity; it also implements its own programs to make its workforce more diverse and inclusive.

This newest fete that the company has achieved is a strong proof that fostering workplace diversity yields tremendous benefits for companies and organizations. It does not only boost employee engagement and strengthen employee relationship among employees; it also boosts a company's bottom line, translating in bigger earning and greater productivity.

If you want to learn more about what Phillips 66 is doing to promote employee diversity, click through this link.

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