Friday, June 7, 2013

City of Hope: Leader in Diversity and Inclusion

City of Hope, founded in 1913, is a leading center for biomedical research and compassionate patient care for cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Its sprawling main campus, with its state-of-the-art facilites, is located northeast of Los Angeles, in the City of Duarte, California. It also has clinics in Antelope Valley and South Pasadena.

Compassionate patient care, innovative science and research that rapidly push laboratory discoveries into promising cures are the hallmarks of City of Hope. For this, it has been granted the highest distinction by the National Cancer Institute as a comprehensive cancer treatment. City of Hope, as a founding member of the National Cancer Network, promotes the advancement in patient care nationwide through its research and treatment protocols giving hope of a longer, better, fuller life. The U.S.News & World Reports has ranked City of Hope as one of “America's Best Hospitals” in cancer.

Fueled by compassion in their drive for innovative research and advanced treatments, City of Hope also has for its core value diversity and inclusion. It is at the heart of their mission, according to Stephanie Neuvirth, Chief Human Resources and Diversity Officer. City of Hope believes that bringing together people from diverse backgrounds, talents and experiences help in their “commitment to care for and cure those with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.” The diversity in its workforce provides City of Hope “the ability to understand our patients’ needs, deliver compassionate care and continue the quest for a cure for life threatening diseases.” In their mission of finding cures and caring, they strive to build a community wherein diversity and inclusion can help their workforce to continually develop, grow, personally and professionally, and promote better patient experiences as they all learn from one another.

As a clear example of how integral diversity and inclusion is to City of Hope, defining “who we are as an institution, how we operate and how we see our future,” it is sponsoring a five-city College Leadership Tour across America designed to “taking the lead to help educate university students on the benefits of pursuing a career in healthcare”, and it is mainly targeting Hispanic students. This move reflects the belief and appreciation of City of Hope “that ethnicity matters in cancer and diabetes research, prevention and treatment,” Neuvirth said. Encouraging Hispanic students to develop careers in the field of healthcare is City of Hope's way of promoting “the importance of embracing your cultural values as an enabler of authentic leadership and career success for the next generation of Hispanic professionals.”

Thus, City of Hope is not only striving each day to live by its core value of diversity and inclusion in its workforce, but also helping promote it in the field of education. 
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