Friday, June 28, 2013

Concurrent Technologies Corporation – Thriving On Diversity

ConcurrentTechnologies Corporation (CTC) was formed in 1987, but it started its operations in 1988. It was then known under the name of Metalworking Technology, Inc. or MTI, as a subsidiary of the University of Pittsburgh Trust, tasked to operate the National Center for Excellence in Metalworking Technology (NCEMT) in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Within a short time, MTI grew in its financial earnings and in the number of its employees. In addition, its work thru the NCEMT of advancing metalworking technology and providing solutions to the U.S. Navy was expanding, and gaining for it national recognition and respect.

Soon MTI was experiencing fast growth and an increase in its workforce, while its mission was also expanding beyond the field of advanced metalworking technology. There was now a need for a new name that would accurately reflect this, and so in 1992, Metalworking Technology, Inc. changed its name to Concurrent Technologies Corporation. Then in 1994, the corporation separated from the University of Pittsburgh Trust to become fully independent.

Its expertise as an independent, non-profit applied research & development organization providing professional management and technology-based services covers different fields, namely: Advanced Engineering & Manufaturing; Environment & Sustainability; Intelligence, Information Technology & Security; Logistics, Management & Acquisition; Power & Energy; Readiness, Preparedness & Continuity; Safety & Occupational Health; and Special Missions. Its wide range of clients are to be found in both the government (state and federal) and private sectors.

Equality, empowerment and innovation are highly valued by CTC. Thus, the Company strives to create a culture where diversity and inclusion is pratcticed through actions, not by words alone. It strongly believes that embracing the differences “in thought, style, background and opinion” foster a sense of family and partnership among its employees, giving spark to innovation that inevitably leads the Company to succeed, and succeed it does as evidenced by being recognized for “innovating through inclusion.”, and for that, CTC has garnered numerous awards and honors throughout the years.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation continues to strive to attract and maitain highly-educated, experienced, talented people and promotes diversity in its organization. Moreover, it also keeps a language diversified workforce who can provide solutions to their clients' problems in their environments, using their native language.

At CTC, diversity indeed thrives.

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