Sunday, January 31, 2016

T-Mobile: Making Good Connection with Diversity

T-Mobile, one of America's national providers of  wireless voice, messaging and data services, used to be ranked behind AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, as the smallest of the “big four” American carriers. However, with new leaders at its helm in 2013, the company has since rebranded itself as America's Un-carrier with great results. To be America's Un-carrier is the company's strategic positioning to set the company apart from its competitors while giving their customers a fair advantage. See here:

This philosophy, coupled with the company's commitment to diversity and inclusion, are what makes the company today one of the top performing firms and “best place to work” in the country. It enables them to “break down barriers and rewrite the rules.”  T-Mobile's CEO John Legere says: “T-Mobile's diversity fuels better ideas – the very ideas that are driving our Un-carrier revolution forward.”

T-Mobile believes an inclusive company is a great company; thus it makes sure it hires and retains the best, diverse talents. Helping the company break down barriers, create more understanding, and ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone are its Employee Networks:
Access for Disabilities Network; Military Honor & Support Community; Multicultural Network; Multigenerational Network; Pride & Allies Network, and the Women's Leadership Network.

A close look at their diversity profile will show that T-Mobile “walks the talk” so to speak. “Diversity and Inclusion aren't just words. They're a way of life.” In terms of ethnicity, 61% of the company's population are minority and 39% White. In terms of gender, 57 % are male and 43% are female.

The diversity of the company's employees helps a lot in dealing with one another and with their diverse customers as well, in making good connection. In such a work environment where each one is welcome, appreciated and recognized for their unique contributions, ideas grow, individual careers flourish and the company progresses.

Truly, T-Mobile deserves to be named “Top Employer” and “Best Place to Work.” It is a place where diversity working at every phase of the business is daily observed.

If you want to build a career with this progressive, inclusive, nurturing company, check out T-Mobile job opportunities through this link.

T-Mobile is a diversity company member of, the largest diversity job board online.

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