Sunday, January 31, 2016 Announces T-Mobile its New Diversity Company Member, a career opportunity resource and job search engine for the cultural diversity marketplace, is pleased to announce the inclusion of T-Mobile to its prestigious list of diversity company members.

T-Mobile USA, based in Bellevue, Washington, is a national provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services capable of reaching over 293 million Americans where they live, work, and play. The company cares for its people in big ways by embracing the uniqueness of each of their employees, numbering approximately 45,000, who in return do their best to create  For this, T-Mobile has been regularly recognized by experts in the industry, media as well as human rights groups as a “Best Place to Work” and “Top Employer.” It has consistently been awarded by the J.D. Power with the “Highest Ranked Customer Service Performance among Full Service Wireless Providers” and the “Highest Ranked Wireless Customer Service Performance”

Diversity and Inclusion are a way of life for T-Mobile. As its CEO John Legere says on their website: “Our diversity is not only a huge source of pride; it's also a massive competitive advantage. T-Mobile's diversity fuels better ideas....”

One of T-Mobile's managers, Lacey Foster, says on their site as well: I love being part of a company that values diversity and inclusion. Not only is it a part of our culture and values, it's part of T-Mobile's DNA.”

In its search for the best, diverse talents who enjoys coming to work each day, being who they are and wanting to give their unique contribution,  T-Mobile has partnered with, whose mission is to help companies promote their jobs, build their brand and send targeted and qualified diversity candidates directly to the best jobs possible.

To find out more about T-Mobile and its job opportunities, please click here.

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