Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Announces Hobby Lobby Jobs for Oklahoma City Part 2 announces more Hobby Lobby jobs available for the company's Oklahoma City locations. Hobby Lobby, America's leading retail arts and crafts store chain, partners with in its search for the best diversity talents for its various locations across the country.

Technical Support Rep II
Job Description: Provides moderately complex technical support to associates via email, phone, or other methods. Reports to supervisor or Director. Write New/Change Sheets for PC’s and Software, Key in to Mardel PC Database. Log problems reported in Magic Database, build Knowledge Base, FAQ.

Job Requirements:

* Excellent working knowledge of core Microsoft Windows applications and Networking.
* Knowledge of Mac OS and Microsoft SQL Server would be helpful.
* Knowledge of Ethernet and Wi-Fi hardware, theory, topology, physical connections.
* Knowledge of PC hardware, BIOS settings, expansion slots, controllers, drive types, RAM.
* Ability to log, track, and provide problem diagnosis and resolutions on computing issues. 
* 3-6 years of computer systems experience in 500-user or greater Microsoft Windows Domain.
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Stockroom/Sales Clerk
Job Description: Provides superior customer service, assisting customers in locating merchandise throughout the store, and carrying and loading merchandise into customers’ vehicles. This includes keeping the store well stocked and maintained for convenient shopping.
Job Requirements:
* Willingness to approach customers & offer assistance
* Safely operate power equipment
* Ability to use company software
* Flexible schedule to accommodate day, night & weekend shifts
* High School diploma or equivalent
* Exceptional customer service skills
* Excellent listening and oral communication skills
* Ability to repetitively lift 100 or more pounds.
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Social Media Writer
Job Description: Primarily focus on creative writing and will be responsible for writing content for social media platforms. 
Job Functions: 

* Writing social media optimized posts that provide exceptional content for the reader first and foremost, and inform customers of affiliated products in a contextual way
* Applying developed knowledge of writing skills to various social media platforms
*Being a positive and confident communicator with a variety of colleagues within the department

Job Requirements:

* Strong writing skills
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills (including proofreading and editing)
* Must be organized and extremely detail oriented
* Must be self-motivated and work well without direct supervision

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