Tuesday, November 18, 2014

KPMG News: Enjoins G20 in Creating Jobs and Promoting Economic Growth

KPMG, a leading global company in the financial services industry, and a diversity company member of DiversityWorking.com, enjoins the G20 in helping the industry create jobs and promote economic growth, according to The FINANCIAL.

A new KPMG report has called for the G20 to focus on the role the financial services industry can play in creating jobs and stimulating economic growth. The report also warns that the unintended consequences of the financial regulatory reform agenda are not being recognised. The report was presented to the G20 heads of summit ahead of their meeting in Brisbane on the 15th and 16th November. It calls for:
Re-evaluating the cost-benefit analysis of some regulatory reforms based on the evidence of their outcomes
Prioritising future reforms, and giving greater certainty on the timing for implementation
Agreeing to reduce inconsistencies between national regulations which add cost and slow growth

The KPMG report considered promoting “high quality” securitisation of bank lending, in the context of SME lending and more generally. “A recent paper by the European Central Bank and the Bank of England set out the arguments here, but did not follow this up with specific proposals to reverse the many post-financial crisis regulatory constraints on securitisation (high capital requirements, retention requirements, and limited scope to use securitisation as high-quality liquid assets under the liquidity coverage ratio),” the report said. Read more at:

KPMG jobs are currently available across different states in the US.

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