Friday, November 7, 2014

DiversityWorking's New Page: Diversity Career Stories is currently working on its new page that will feature diversity career stories. Sharing stories is engrained in each one of us and a strong driving force that binds us together, as one quotation goes, "Storytelling is the thread which is woven deep in our lives, our conscious, our humanity. It has the power to bring understanding amongst the peoples of the world. Tell and listen," by Antonio Rocha.

There is so much inspiration we can gain in listening to others' personal narratives, as we also inspire others through sharing our own, strengthening the fabric of our diverse society.

Thus, DiversityWorking enjoins employees and jobseekers alike to share your individual diversity career stories by clicking here. You may share as your real self, with your real name and photo, or you may also choose to share anonymously.

Come one, come all and let us hear from you.

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