Monday, August 19, 2013

Top Diversity Recruiting Strategies of Top Diversity Companies and Organizations

Diversity recruiting is a top priority of companies and organizations that are Equal Opportunity Employers, and dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion. Each has their own diversity recruiting methods, and the following are top diversity recruitng strategies that top diversity companies and organizations practise:

  • Getting referrals from employees of diverse communities. A benchmarked recommendation from trusted sources is the best predictor of job performance.
  • Reaching out to different segments for talents through social media, but making sure that it goes beyond the level of meeting “quotas.” This is to ensure that an organization's Affirmative Action is sincere and truly aligned to its commitment to diversity.
  • Targeted advertising. Diversity companies and organizations advertise directly to diverse groups such as blacks, women, disabled, Asians, veterans, and other minority groups by posting flyers in malls or where common foot traffic can easily see these ads.
  • Expanding outreach efforts to minorities in schools such as in African-American communities begining at the elementary school level to encourage more students to pursue careers that their respective companies and organizations offer.
  • Offering apprenticeship/or internship programs in their respective companies for diverse segments.
  • Candidate assessment techniques like behavioral interviewing and targeted selection also help interviewers keep a focus on job-based criteria rather than impressions.


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