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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Diamond Innovations - A Spark of Diversity

Diamond Innovations  is the world’s first manufacturer of superabrasive materials for the material removal industry. It is a global company with main headquarters in Worthington, Ohio, and additional manufacturing facilities in Deerfield Beach, Forida, and Dublin, Ireland.

It is the main goal of Diamond Innovations to provide customized engineering for industrial diamond and CBN applications, which generate solutions for end users. To this end, it is committed to innovation and technology development so it can continue to deliver new materials that enhance productivity.

As testament to its technical innovations and persistence, Diamond Innovations
has attained with much pride its status as the world's leading manufacturer of diamond, cubic boron nitride and polycrystalline products.

At the same time, Diamond Innovations is dedicated to protecting the environment, and observing health & safety measures. Hence, it complies with
or exceed applicable environmental, health and safety laws and all other applicable requirements.

As part of the corporate Sandvik family, Diamond Innovations also adheres to the twin core values: diversity and inclusion. This enables the Company to create a culture of creativity and innovation - something integral to Diamond Innovations' path to success, by building and maintaining a diverse workforce that can easily deal with its diverse customer base around the world.

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