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Monday, May 13, 2013

Diversity expert speaks at University of Chicago to fight discrimination

Tim Wise, a renowned writer, educator and anti-discrimination advocate, was at the University of Chicago on May 6 to raise students’ awareness about race and gender inequality in the U.S. Wise also told students how they can become part of the solution to end racism and gender discrimination in the country. 

In his talk entitled, “Affirmative Action, a Post-Racial Society, and White Privilege,” Wise pointed out that the ignorance of dominant social groups in our society is a persistent problem, which contributes to educational disparity in the U.S. Being part of a dominant social group means “knowing that what else others of our race do, we will not have to answer for them,” he said.

Wise, who is known for his strong anti-racism stance, also touched on the subject of gender discrimination during his talk. He encouraged his listeners to widen their view and understanding about race, sexuality and gender in order to reduce the problem of discrimination in the country.

Wise also dealt with a recent instance of racial discrimination in the University of Chicago, which involved posting of offensive contents on the Internet.

“If you think it’s OK to post anonymous homophobic, racist, sexist things…. You are not qualified to attend a university in the United States of America, especially this one,” he said in reaction to the incident.

After his talk, students said they gained new understanding of the issue of race and gender.

Wise is just among the many faces that combat discrimination and promote diversity in society and in the workplace. If you’re interested to find out more about this subject, visit diversityworking.com and see how companies and other groups promote diversity

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