Sunday, September 4, 2016

Foley Equipment, A Byword for Excellence, Diversity and Growth

The success narrative of Foley Equipment's expansion and growth serves as a shining example of how one can also expand and grow their career with this great company.

Foley Equipment started as Foley Tractor Company, in 1940, an offshoot of a young dealership Paul Foley had the fortune to assist, and later was asked to join.

The new dealership, with Foley as partner, became the Karcher-Wolter-Foley Company. Then Mr. Foley bought his partners' interests in the dealership, thus was born the Foley Tractor Company.

From then on, under Paul's able leadership and vision, the company grew in terms of the number of stores and products.

Changes took place, but all leading to greater expansion for the company, continuing under the new leadership of his son, Paul Foley Jr., in 1973, onto the time of Skip Foley’s daughter, Ann Konecny's tem as president in 1997.

More expansion took place with the acquisition of assets and facilities. The rest as they say is history, and Foley Equipment, being one of Foley Industries group of companies, has become synonymous with excellence, the standard of operation set by its founder Paul Foley, which continues to this day.

From one brick store location to 19 locations spread across Kansas and northwest Missouri, with almost 1,000 employees who commit themselves to carrying out their company's mission to: demonstrate that we are the standard of excellence through our dedication to customer satisfaction, market share and profitability.

Thus, the reputation for dedication, quality and value it has earned since the beginning has lasted, and will continue to live on. The assurance? Foley Equipment's vision: We will be YOUR FIRST CHOICE.


Diversity and inclusion are a part of Foley Equipment's drive to constant growth. In fact, as it says on its main site, Foley Industries and its three operating entities, Foley Equipment, Foley Rental and Foley Power Solutions, are officially certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) by the National Women Business Owners Corporation.

Making Foley Equipment a great place to work is part of the company's strategic plan for growth. Hence, it provides its employees with a competive pay and benefits package, that is also aligned with one of its principles: people are our key to success.

And for employees who give their utmost best rewards await them, plus an opportunity to advance. Just like how good old fashioned hard work has led the company to where it is today.

Because the company offers a wide range of products and solutions to customers, a wide range of career paths are likewise open for applicants, even for those already part of the Foley Group family.

So with an exciting, welcoming, inclusive work environment that remunerate excellent work with excellent pay and benefits, where else to go and build a stable career.

Visit today to find out more about how to start your awesome diversity career at Foley Equipment.

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