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The Advantages of a Personal Referral Marketing System

Referral Marketing has been popular for some time now. Job Referral and Personal Referral Marketing are relatively new. Referrals, as marketing experts say, are the best sources for generating new or growing existing businesses.

What is a referral?
Dr. Ivan Misner, founder and chairman of BNI International, a global business networking organization, author, and senior partner for Referral Institute, defines referral as an open door to discuss your business. For him, the whole process of giving referrals can be somewhat subjective, so the goal is to make it objective.

Another author, Max Steén, reveals in a study as part of his masters’ thesis, entitled: The Strength of Strong Ties in Business Referral Networks that those who focused on strong ties – rather than weak ties – were able to increase the number of referrals from networking by 2100% - with an increased value of 63%!

Job Referral
Steen's study, mentioned above, is said to disprove what a much earlier study conducted in 1973 by a researcher named Mark Granovetter concluded: that when networking for employment, you should look through your weak ties or connections in order to more efficiently reach your goal. Since then, the phrase “The strength in weak ties” has been applied by many in their search for jobs believing that the greater number of connections they have, the greater their chances of finding a job.

However, In an article they co-authored, The Power of Strong Ties, Max Steén and Dr. Misner stressed quality, rather than quantity, is essential in the referral process. This new research clearly indicates that “weak ties” may be relevant to job searches but that “strong ties” are critical for the generation of greater quality business referrals. (SuccessNet Online)

Personal Referral Marketing
Now, we qualify further the findings of these related studies to underscore the power of a personal referral marketing, and how SubmitReferral (SR) Automated Personal Referral Marketing System is the best solution for job referrals, being a unique, powerful employment referral program.

Why a Personal Referral Marketing?
Today, people coming together with whom they know form a community. In a community where people work and help one another, such as helping a job seeker or an employer, community strength is built. Community strength is what holds the community together, more especially, when more good people are added to it, thus raising all boats.

Personal referral marketing is free enterprise mixed with old-fashioned bartering. Bartering comes with benefits to both sides, but it is only as efficient as when two people want to be to earn points and benefit a friend. See more on Bartering here:

Applying personal referral marketing to job referrals, employers and job seekers benefit most from this system. People who know about a job opening can bring in someone they personally know who may fit that job, and this is what the SR Automated Personal Referral Marketing System does.

But like anything else, quality matters. Your personal referral matters. Word of mouth and power of suggestion (WOMPOS) marketing is more powerful than ever before.

Word of Mouth and Power of Suggestion
WOMPOS is what makes the SubmitReferral system works. It brings your personal referrals through the corporate ceiling and the front door.

Here is an excerpt from the article, The Power of Word of Mouth by Gordon Wyner of Marketing News:
Research lead by Duncan Watts of Microsoft and presented at MSI’s Social Media and Social Networks conference in December 2013 provides important insights into how social networks actually work, which can be applied to improve marketing effectiveness. If you want to achieve widespread influence in an efficient way, there seems to be no alternative than to address large numbers of people, each of whom has an average amount of influence. Ideally, marketers would be able to find a proper combination of both mass and highly targeted marketing to achieve the best mix of viral and direct exposure.
Harnessing the power of word of mouth, both in social media and face-to- face, may call for turning to some of the basics of media. It’s not just who the audience is for your marketing message, but how different members of your target audience participate in receiving and passing along information about brands.

SubmitReferral Automated Personal Referral Marketing System
SubmitReferral Automated Personal Referral Marketing System caters to each of these salient points pointed out in the study, and much more.

Strong quality diversity referrals are most essential for both job seekers and diversity employers, and the cultural diversity market is at their disposal through SubmitReferral, linked to over a million users of a brand synonymous with credibility, and

Go to and see how SubmitReferral Automated Personal Marketing System effectively works.

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