Saturday, August 30, 2014

SubmitReferral (SR) Automated Personal Referral Marketing System: A Unique Powerful Referral Tool

To enhance its diversity recruitment and selection program, a company needs to touch base with the diversity population. One bright solution is the SubmitReferral (SR) Automated Personal Referral Marketing System.

SR Automated Personal Referral Marketing System is linked to the largest diversity job board online, and to, dedicated to help companies promote their jobs, build their brand and send targeted, qualified diversity candidates directly to the best jobs available.

Thus in this way is SR Automated Personal Referral Marketing System a unique and powerful tool, for it provides the diversity population and diversity-minded employers direct access to each other, with the added advantage of having a large base of over a million users to start with.

SubmitReferral is the best way to build a personal and professional network for it maximizes the power of the “word of mouth” system of referring. Hence, SubmitReferral stands for credibility.

Topping it all, as SubmitReferral is an online marketing tool, SR gains a wider reach of targeted diversity candidates because the system allows users' referrals to go viral.

SR Automated Personal Referral Marketing System makes it easy to:

1. Continuously build your referral network so you can do more referrals
  • Grows your referral network quickly with simple tools
  • Grows your referral networks from leads to personal referrals to personal introduction referrals
  • Automatically identifies your personal referrals with all open and available jobs

2. Automatic communication between you and your personal referral and network
  • Schedules automated emails about your jobs to your list of qualified referrals
  • Notifies your network of the status of the screening, interview and job placement process
  • Notifies you of new jobs that can meet the critera of your personal referrals
  • Notifies you of personal referrals that meet the criteria of new jobs

3. Automates the qualifacation of a good personal referral
  • Allows you to create and expand required information about your personal referral based on employers' minimum qualifications
  • Review all personal referrals and auto-match employers' minimum qualifications to enhance your SubmitReferral ratings

4. Keep it all organized
  • View and track your personal referrals and your network
  • View and track all leads, personal referrals and personal introduction referrals
  • Organize contacts by relationship, location, work status, new job objectives, and other value added personal information that you gleen personally
  • Get stats and graphs your referrals by your earnings, points, hires, updates on where your referrals are in the hiring process
  • Keep a running record of all your personal referrals

5. Go viral and based on your success, encourage other personal referrals to give additional personal referrals.
  • Get rewarded with personal satisfaction, points and cash for successful referrals
  • Allows you to be creative and learn the art & ins and outs of the personal referral business
  • Build a second income from the personal referrals you are already making
  • Recognize who and how are your best referral sources

6. Grow your personal referral base
  • The more personal referrals you bring in the bigger your referral base grows and the more passive income you can earn
  • Give all your personal referrals the opportunity to build there own personal referral network
  • Endless suply of jobs with clearly stated skills, location and complensation requested and required

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