Friday, August 29, 2014

Employee Referral Programs: Essential Tools in the Search for the Best Hires

In recent years, online marketing has become a potent means of promoting products and services through the internet, and many companies have resorted to online marketing, as this enhances their branding strategies.

One advantage online marketing provides businesses is demographic targeting: Consumers can be demographically targeted much more effectively in an online rather than an offline process.

Nowadays, this is especially an essential tool in the field of human resource recruitment. Companies would always like to get the best hires, yet this is one of the most challenging tasks recruiters face as they search for high quality candidates that can best fit their organizations, and traditional ways of searching for top caliber employees is no longer sufficient.

Thus, enter what is now popularly known as the Employee Referral Programs. ERPs have been proven effective in recruiting the best talents, as they increase the number of recruiters available to help them in their talent search.

Harnessing Social Media and Technology to Enhance ERPs
Employee referral programs can be harnessed to the fullest extent through social media marketing, a marketing tool that makes use of various social media channels. Through different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and others, companies can gain greater reach in their search for the best hires. These social media platforms are available not only online, but also through digital channels, platforms and devices.

The following are the top general job referral platforms available in the market:

1. Zao is an employee referral program and social recruiting software that automatically engages employees making use of social media to attract high quality candidates. With Zao's ERP, jobs are easily promoted across social networks due to its incentivizing reward system.
3D Smart Matching
Full ATS Integration
Extended Referrals
One-click Email Campaigns
Employer Branding
Mobile Optimized
Detailed Referrer Chain Tracking
Social Network Recruiting

2. GooodJob Mobile app combines the dual power of mobile technology and social recruiting. It allows employee engagement with the referral program on the go.
Referral Tracking
Social Networking
Mobile for Engagement on the go
Easy & Quick Leads

3. Simplicant Online Recruitment Software and Applicant Tracking is a platform with an integrated and built-in employee referral program that also allows for the use of social media.
- The platform allows employees to share openings with talented candidates they know.
- It tracks all referral information, allowing employees to be rewarded for their contributions and companies to track these cost-effective suggestions.

4. Zalp is a social employee referral software that puts together technology and social media with features that simplify employee participation in the referral program.
- Easy On-boarding
- Quick Job Posting
- Analytics
- 7 Convenient Ways to Refer
- Real Time Tracking
- Leaderboard, a gamification feature

5. SmartRecruiters, unleashed the 2nd generation of its cloud hiring platform, integrating the reach of social with the ease of mobile to close the gap between great candidates and open positions. It also boast of a mobile hiring app for iPhone and Android devices.
- Integrated social referrals
- Prosumer, people-centric user interface
- Mobile hiring app and email notifications
- At-a-glance candidate pipeline dashboard for every job and new sourcing analytics
- Open RESTful API for customers and partners to easily connect their hiring process to the platform

6. Careerify makes recruiting social tapping social networks automated and part of the company's culture. It also has flexible multiple rewards mechanisms.
Features: The platform allows companies to
- Create rewards.
- Define eligibility
- Localize the program
- Develop brand consistency
- Flag “hard-to-fill” roles

7. Socialite ERP can be used as a stand-alone solution, or integrated as a more comprehensive talent acquisition strategy that includes personalized incentives and rewards, plus an engaging online interface that includes gamification, employee-managed privacy settings, among others.

8. SubmitReferral (SR) Automated Personal Referral Marketing System, one of the bright new ones, and designed to boost a company's diversity efforts.

All these ERPs are undoubtedly good, each providing excellent features designed to maximize the number of employee referrals and enhance the quality of hires, as well as rewards systems. However, in terms of diversity demographic targeting, these employee referral programs may not help grow the diversity of a company's workforce, for they target the general population, with the exception of SubmitReferral (SR) Automated Personal Referral Marketing System.

Another difference is, while the rest of these employee referral programs are softwares, SubmitReferral (SR) Automated Referral Marketing System is a website. It was recently launched by, a career opportunity job search engine for the cultural diversity marketplace.

See here for more of SubmitReferral Automated Personal Referral Marketing System: Unique Powerful Referral Tool


Lawler said...

Great list, Targeting online can be far more effective than offline channels that don't provide as much customization.

Hickory Poscery said...

I need to find some recruiting software. I think it would help a lot to have software that can recruit people for jobs. I don't have time to recruit people.