Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Microsoft - Super Bowl Big Winner with "Empowering" Ad

Microsoft, won big at the Super Bowl games with its one-minute ad, "Empowering" that has struck a deep chord in many viewers.

Microsoft took center stage with its first national minute-long Super Bowl spot, one that was both memorable and touching. It was a somewhat rare win for Microsoft — along with a commanding win for Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder and Seahawks owner. Read full story here
“In tonight’s Big Game, we aired a one-minute ad that celebrates what technology can do narrated by Steve Gleason, former NFL player and post-Katrina hero of the New Orleans Saints,” Microsoft said of its stirring Super Bowl spot in a post on its blog. “Steve is now living with ALS and narrates the ad in the same way he communicates daily: with his Surface Pro via eye tracking technology.” Read more

Viewing the Microsoft ad, one cannot but be inspired by  "What can technology do; how far can we go? Technology has the power to unite us; it inspires us; it gives hope to the hopeless; And it has given voice to the voiceless." - words that resonate with and engage a diversity of people from all walks of life.

Indeed, with Steve Gleason narrating the ad, Microsoft has sent in a simple yet powerful way its messages of hope, empowerment and unity.


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