Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mature Workers: Hope Amidst their Harsh Realities

Acoording to an article by Philip L. Rones, “The Labor Market Problems of Older Workers,” older workers do not have especially high unemployment rates, but when they become unemployed, they are less likely to find a job, and more likely to leave the labor force in discouragement.

In another article also published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Record Unemployment Among Older Workers Does Not KeepThem Out of the JobMarket” by Emy Sok, although the rate of unemployment among older workers is lower than that for their younger counterparts, older persons who do become unemployed spend more time searching for work. See -

In a recent article, “It's OK to be an older worker – as long as you don't lose your job,” it is stated that
It’s the best – and worst – of times for older workers.
The unemployment rate for Americans 55 and older is lower than for any other age group the government tracks, and far below the national average. But if an older worker loses a job, the length of time that person will stay unemployed is typically much longer than for any other age group.

Part of its Employment Outlook report for 2008- 2018, the Bureau of Labor forsees that, as the baby-boom generation ages, the share of workers in the 55-years-and-older age group will increase dramatically; the participation rates of older workers in the labor force are expected to increase, but will remain significantly lower than those for the prime age group, and, as a result, the participation rate and overall labor force growth rate will decline.

Indeed, finding a new job in your 50s or 60s can be particularly difficult. For “mature” workers, it may require some extra skills to be competitive with younger applicants.
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Still, there are five job areas that are easily available for mature workers. Here's a look at each of five job categories with a high demand for retirees as reported in
  • Health care
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Computer work
  • Temp Agencies

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