Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Study: Team-building activities don’t always work

Team-building activities and work social events are often used by most companies to develop rapport between their employees and create an inclusive workplace. But a new study found that these activities don’t always achieve their intended purpose.

According to the study, team-building activities may be effective in improving relationships between employees that belong in the same racial or social class, but they don’t always work in building close ties between employees from dissimilar groups.

Experts suggest that instead of focusing on creating work social programs, employers should instead focus on promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. That way, employees would be empowered to contribute to the company’s overall growth as they find their niche in the workplace.

"Sometimes you can create cohesion around the work task itself — you don’t need outside social interaction. If everyone can feel good about the work they do and celebrate the successes they achieve together, it is not necessary to find ways to connect outside of work," according to Tracy Dumas, the lead author of the study.

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