Monday, April 22, 2013

How minority workers can break through the glass ceiling

It's not unusual for minorities to think that discrimination is the most probable reason why they're being passed on a promotion. Women, African-Americans, people with disabilities and even baby-boomers often feel that their membership in a certain race or group prevent them from climbing the corporate ladder.

However, CNN Money contributor Anne Fisher clarifies that being passed on a promotion does not necessarily mean being discriminated because of gender, race or appearance. For instance, some companies have streamlined their processes and management positions, resulting in layoffs and lesser hiring in a bid to cut costs while boosting the company's efficiency.

Also, while some companies support workplace diversity, the lack of minority executives in most companies somehow limits networking opportunities for minority workers at the bottomline.

When you feel like you can't penetrate through the glass ceiling, or you feel like the racial gap in the workplace is beyond bridging, Fisher suggests some tips on how to rise to the occasion and reach the top.

Click through this link and read Fisher's game plan for aspiring minority executives.

Source: CNNMoney/Fortune

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