Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Yahoo's Workforce Diversity Fares Better Than Google's

After Google and LinkedIn shared their respective workforce diversity data, here comes Yahoo with its own, revealing a workforce diversity that is slightly better than that of Google.

Yahoo on Tuesday released statistics about its workforce, and the employee makeup is -- like many of the other tech firms that have disclosed data -- mostly male and mostly white. Globally, the company is 62 percent male, according to the data. In the United States, Yahoo's workforce is 50 percent white and 39 percent Asian. Black employees only made up 2 percent, and Hispanics made up 4 percent. Women only made up 15 percent of its non-technical workforce, and 23 percent of its leadership team. Read more at:

Progress is incremental, but its happening. The fact that Yahoo and Google felt forced to share these numbers is a victory for advocates who argue that its in Silicon Valley's best financial interest to follow the same logic as their startups and adapt. Yahoo also took another step toward equal opportunity. They didn't use Google's excuse that fewer women study computer science in college. Read more:

However, for Yahoo, they have an ace up their sleeves: Yahoo received a 100% Corporate Equality Index score and was named a “Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality.” - Jackie Reses, Chief Development Officer in Yahoo's statement on their workforce diversity. 

Again, the question asked is could it really be this way as far fewer women are choosing engineering or computer science as their major, even if more
women are getting into universities than men? Then, if so, how can more women be encouraged to take up any of the courses in STEM?

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