Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Donald Trump Will Make Diversity Work in America. Diversity Coordinator Says So

With the Republican Party having formally nominated Donald Trump as their official nominee for President of the United States, together with Mike Pence as Trump's running mate, his diversity outlook for the country deserves a closer look, for this will have a great impact on his socio-economic and immigration policies.

The main concern among American voters is how Trump will be able to unify a growing diverse nation and rally it to peace, progress and prosperity given his strong pronouncements against immigrants and Muslims, and perceived low opinion of women.

However, an interview by Esquire's Jack Holmes with Bruce LeVell, Executive Director of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump on the final night of the GOP convention seems to show that Trump has America in his heart, and he is the opposite of what many people believe him to be, a racist.

Le Vell is a former chairman of the Gwinnett County GOP. He owns a jewelry store in Dunwoody, and is Donald Trump's staunch advocate, defending him against those saying the candidate is a racist. 

According to The Washington Post, LeVell is a black man on a mission to change what he thinks is an unfounded and unfair perception that Trump is racist. He dismisses accusations that Trump has exploited racial tensions. He is even trying to persuade other people of color to support Trump’s campaign for president. He sincerely believes, he said, that “Donald Trump is a really, really good guy.”

Does Donald Trump indeed have what it takes to make diversity working in Amercian society?

Trump's characteristic divisive rhetoric in the campaign has alienated him from African Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Muslims, and women, including members of the Republican Party, but Le Vell strongly argues that Trump is supported by a wide array of diverse people, and is the best president the USA needs at this point.

Here are Le Vell's arguments that Trump will be able to promote the cause of diversity, contrary to the presidential aspirant's critics, taking into account each of Trump's stand on the following issues and his dark vision of the world: skyrocketing crime, illegal immigrants flooding across the border, America on its knees.

* On the Muslim ban: Trump has called for a temporary ban on all Muslims until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.

Just recently, Trump announced an expansion of his Muslim ban - to suspend immigration from any nation compromised by terrorism. 

Le Vell says Trump's Muslim ban is a response to terrorism that is threatening the world, not just the USA. He even goes on to cite Sajid Tara, who represents all the Muslim Americans for Trump, quoting him as saying, “'We can't let refugees or anyone come in until we get a handle on what's coming in.”

* On illegal immigrants and Mexicans: Trump has been consistent in his strong objections against illegal immigrants, even proposing to build a wall at the Mexican border, for which Trump says, the Mexican government should pay. 

Le Vell defends Trump's position saying it is not a Mexican thing. It's an illegal immigration thing, all across the border, in terms of good border protection. We finally got someone who had big enough cajones to bring this to the forefront, so we at least talk about this."

In relation to this, Trump commented earlier this year that the U.S. has become dumping ground for everybody else's problems.  

Here are some of Trump's rationale behind his stand against illegal immigration, Mexicans and Muslims, to get a better understanding of the person, and see if he will indeed be a president that can ensure diversity and inclusion get a boost from his administration.

- Mexico sends criminals; and with Latin America send criminals and drugs.
- He wants to bring in people in a legal manner, hence his strong stance on a stronger border.
- He wants to bring in people with love for America, not hatred.
- Illegal immigrants take away jobs from American people.
- Illegal immigration hurts the country economically.
- Even legal immigration should be controlled, so as to focus more on the people already in the country.
- “Raising the prevailing wage paid to H-1Bs will force companies to give these coveted entry-level jobs to the existing domestic pool of unemployed native and immigrant workers in the U.S., instead of flying in cheaper workers from overseas,” wrote Trump. (See here)

- Trump sees Syrian refugees as a Trojan Horse, among whom some are potential terrorists or with ties with terrorist groups. “It's not fear of terrorist refugees; it's reality,” he was quoted as saying in January this year.

Trump indeed may sound un-American by his strong denouncement of those he perceives to be a threat to the country's security and economy. Yet according to Le Vell, that is just Trump if you strike at him, he strikes at you back. And that's one thing I like about him, is that he's teaching America: Stand up for yourself. You don't have to lay down.

And Trump himself said he didn't want to be politically correct. A self-made businessman, he reached the pinnacle of success through sheer grit, steely resolve, and strong leadership.

Beneath his roughness, braggadocio, arrogance, nastiness, lies a heart filled with love for his country and his people. In every worse in a person, lies goodness. So it is with Donald Trump.

Although he may not be the typical politician, or perhaps because he is of a different mold, he is able to get hold of his supporters with his unfiltered statements. As this article on leadership says, his “in your face” style is off-putting to some but refreshing to others. No matter where you land, the fact remains that Donald Trump has been an effective businessman.  

If so, then perhaps he can indeed rally people of various persuasions behind him towards his goal of making America great again. Donald Trump has awakened people's frustration with the Establishment, and his stand on the various issues caters to populist sentiments.

In Trump, many of the kind of white working-class voters once called Reagan Democrats have found a tribune who represents their views and values more consistently than conservative populists like the Dixiecrat George Wallace, the Old Right paleo-conservative Pat Buchanan or the “theo-conservative” Pat Robertson,[...] His populism cuts across party lines like few others before him.
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Yet, many too are wary of the same naked appeal to fear and resentment, the same scapegoating of foreigners, the same preoccupation with national supremacy, and the same cult of personality Donald Trump shares with Russia's Putin. See here:

Despite this side of him, can diversity grow in America with Trump at the national helm?

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