Sunday, May 1, 2016

City of Hope Job Opening for Research Associate II, Duarte, CA

City of Hope, the country's leading research and treatment center for life-threatening diseases, and's prestigious diversity company member, has a job opening for Research Associate II, Duarte, CA.

Job Overview: The position is under the Dept of Experimental Therapeutics, and involves conducting immuno monitoring experiments for clinical vaccine studies.

Job Duties and Responsibilities (among others)
  • Directs the work of a laboratory or undertakes research projects in collaboration with academic supervisor, making innovative contributions pertaining to laboratory procedures;
  • Reads abstracts and articles;
  • Organize and plan techniques;
  • Contribute original ideas to the laboratory research
Job Qualifications/Requirements (among others)
  • Preferably with a masters degree
  • Minimum of 3 years of independent experience working with human blood specimens
  • Two years of related research/laboratory experience with a Bachelor's degree or one year of related research/laboratory experience with a Master's degree
  • Previous immunologic and clinical experience working with blood products, and compliance with Universal Safety Procedure are required
For more details about this job and to apply for it, click on this link.

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