Sunday, October 4, 2015

Harmony of Diversity Marked Pope's US Visit

In the aftermath of Pope Francis' six-day visit to the U.S., one of the striking imprints he must have left in the hearts of many is the 'harmony of diversity' brought to the fore in many of the papal events and in his speeches.

One of these events was the interfaith religious ceremony held at the ground zero site at the 9/11 Museum in lower New York. New York City is nothing if not bold and we, its residents, are nothing if not in your face about our beliefs. This service was a New York City in-your-face gracious presentation that showed the world not only what we are, but also who we are. The news commentators on MSNBC kept pointing out the diversity of New York City, and so, of course did the pope. This event was organized precisely to show the harmony in diversity, which actually does work in New York, writes Jo-Ann Mort in her article on Haaretz. - Read more at:

Other events that highlighted Pope Francis' message of inclusive love which made a big impact on those who witnessed this included his visits to member of minority groups, such as people with disabilities.
Janice L. Benton helped plan participation by people with disabilities in the pope's events in Washington and Philadelphia.[...]"The church was vibrant with diversity" at the Serra Mass, and "inclusive of all gifts and abilities. The entire 'family' was at the table together," said Mary O'Meara, executive director of the archdiocesan Department of Special Needs Ministries. "Persons with disabilities were welcomed, valued and celebrated," she said later in a statement.- Read more at:

In one of his homilies, delivered during the Mass at Madison Square Garden in New York, the Pope spoke of and praised the richness of diversity of large cities.
During his homily, he praised large cities like New York for their diversity but also said their size can make people feel alienated unless they allow God to bring them together.
Living in a big city is not always easy. Yet big cities are a reminder of the hidden riches present in our world, in the diversity of its cultures, traditions and historical experiences. In the variety of its languages, costumes and cuisine,” he said. - Read more at:

The Pope also expressed his strong support for immigrants in the U.S.
"Do not be discouraged by whatever challenges and hardships you face," the pope told the many Hispanics and other recent immigrants in the crowd on Saturday, adding that he felt "particular affection" toward them.
During his first visit to the country, the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics on Thursday had urged Americans in a historic speech to Congress to reject "a mindset of hostility" toward immigrants. - Read more at:, the largest diversity job board online, is a career opportunity resource and job search engine for the cultural diversity marketplace. Through, you can post jobs for veterans who can readily fill your diversity and equal employment opportunity requirements. Visit now.

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