Sunday, August 2, 2015

Seco Tools: Providing Tools for Cutting-Edge Success the Seco Way

Seco Tools is an established name worldwide as a leading manufacturer and supplier of carbide cutting tools and associated equipment. It has a diverse portfolio of tooling products, systems and solutions for metalworking, all of which,together with the value added services the company provides, greatly contribute to their customers' productivity and competitiveness in metal cutting machining.

This is “The Seco Way” - that of always striving to offer the best solutions for faster growth, for their customers, corprate and individuals alike. This is part of its corporate vision to “be recognized by our customers as a dedicated partner, offering complete solutions for metal cutting.”
Helping Seco Tools live up to the highest standards the company, as well as their customers set on them, are these shared values: Passion for our customers, family spirit and personal commitment. Wherever they do business around the world, across cultural and geographical borders, these are the values that help Seco people “make the right priorities, and act in a manner that has become Secos hallmark for decades.”

Seco Tools is also a company that cares for its people, and who believes in diversity of talents coming from different backgrounds. It provides a diversity of work opportunities, in different careers, and because it also values its employees, Seco Tools offers “the tools you need to perform your job, surrounded by an environment that encourages you to be heard.”

Indeed, for enthusiastic, responsible and dedicated individuals who can share in the company's values, vision and passion for growth, Seco Tools, DiversityWorking's diversity company member, is the right place to be.

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