Sunday, June 7, 2015

TSymmetry: Driven by Excellence and Diversity

TSymmetry, a well-trusted provider of a wide range of industry-leading information technology services, and one of DiversityWorking's newest additions to its list of elite diversity company members, is driven by its commitment to excellence and diversity.

Founded in 1999, it has since put to great advantage its technical expertise to become what it is today: a capable and trusted prime contractor while maintaining a strong commitment to team with other prime contractors as well.

TSymmetry sets itself apart from its competitors through the strength of our talent, the depth of our technical expertise, and our unwavering commitment to tangible and measurable delivery excellence. Due to its passion for people, the Company collaborates with its client in achieving a successful outcome, and helps further the progress of its employees through training.

That passion for people also drives TSymmetry to create diversity in its  workforce and suppliers, believing that a diverse workforce enhances the power of collaboration and produces better performance results. Our relationships with a diverse mix of technology suppliers allow us to provide the highest quality solutions at the best possible value to our clients.

When you join TSymmetry, you know you'll be in for the greatest adventure in your career. To find more about the company and its exciting job opportunities, click on this link.

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