Sunday, May 3, 2015

Union of Concerned Scientists: Working with Science for A Healthier, Safer, Sustainable World

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), started on an interesting note, as a collaboration between students and faculty members of the University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology back in 1969, and has now grown as an alliance of citizens and scientists, all with one goal: working for science-based solutions and actions to build a healthier, safer, and sustainable world.

UCS's impressive leadership is headed by President Kenneth Kimmel, and Exec. Director Kathleen Rest. Together they lead their team of experts, scientists and members, all concerned citizens collaborating to advance science-based solutions to keep our planet healthy and safe for us and the generations to come.

Its history of accomplishments is just as impressive, and here are only some of UCS's achievements between 2010 to the present:
  • Plays key role in passing landmark emissions and fuel efficiency standards that will cut in half the global warming emissions of new cars and light trucks by 2025;  
  • Helps convince California to require that at least one-third of its electricity comes from clean, renewable sources by 2020, setting an inspiring precedent for the nation;
  • Helps win international protections for rainforests that will keep at least 300 million tons of global warming emissions from the atmosphere each year;
  • Introduces a plan to cut projected U.S. oil consumption in half within the next 20 years.
The Union of Concerned Scientists is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and aims for workplace diversity, for it understands that diversity is a strength to be valued and developed, thus it partners with DiversityWorking in its search for qualified, committed individuals to join its strong diverse workforce that helps them carry out their noble mission. In return, UCS rewards its dedicated people with competitive salaries, excellent benefits and a rewarding work environment.

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