Monday, October 17, 2016

LMI Aerospace: Teaming Up with Diversity, the Way to Grow

LMI Aerospace, a world- class supplier of structural assemblies, kits and components and a provider of design engineering services to the commercial, business and regional and defense aerospace markets, was established in 1948, with the vision of creating the structures that help our customers soar, and a mission to provide the best solutions to our customers with a focus on operational excellence in the production of complex components and assemblies.

With its vision and mission as guiding inspiration, and by fostering a culture united by a shared purpose and vision, supported by integrated systems and resources, and committed to integrity, quality and customer support, LMI Aerospace has become what it is today -- a global leader in its field, a trusted name to reckon with.

From its inception to today, the company keeps growing. It has through the years acquired assets and companies. LMI also went public in 1998. All these have helped expanded its capabilities and sustained its growth.

The company owes its continuous success, growth and stability to its people who it values for their diversity in backgrounds, perspectives, opinions, experiences. Using a team approach, diversity and inclusion are mainstreamed all throughout the organization.

Respect for one another permeates in its corporate culture, and the company likewise expects from each employee: participation, collaboration and innovative problem solving.

Working at LMI, one enjoys work/life balance, through the company's benefit programs, employment practices and management approach. One can expect not only a job, but a career as well, for the company offers opportunities for advancement and support for further education.

Moreover, LMI offers a comprehensive wage and benefits package, to ensure job security, which is one of the company's main goals. It takes pride in being able to retain its workforce, a team of skilled, experienced engineering and manufacturing experts and other professionals, all collaborating with one another towards the same goals and shared success.

If you are interested to start and grow a career with one of the best diversity companies in the field, go visit LMI Aerospace today.

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