Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Fresh Market: A Unique Taste of Diversity and Inclusion

The Fresh Market is anybody's dream of a go-to place for fresh food, special customer care service and a unique experience in grocery shopping – credit this to the company's concept of providing “quality products to our friends and neighbors in a friendly and inclusive environment.”

Indeed, whether as a customer or as an employee at The Fresh Market, one gets a unique taste of diversity and inclusion. Diversity working in every aspect of the company's day to day life, morale is high in such a delightful, safe, warm, and inclusive environment.

Each employee is encouraged to contribute his/her unique perspective and outlook; special skills and talents, for the diversity of each is the strength of the company as a whole, helping them grow into different parts of the U.S. Not only that, it's also something that makes The Fresh Market a uniquely special, wonderfully different place to work.

Here are some facts that prove The Fresh Market's business model is a success, and continues to be so:
* It attracts top talents. In 2014, the company attracted over 450,000 applicants and it has over 1.8 million candidates in its talent pool.
* It continues to grow. Today, The Fresh Market has 168 stores in 27 states across the nation.
* It cares about people, as it gets involved in the communities they serve by sharing and providing for the needs of the less fortunate. One of its corporate community programs is its partnership with Share Our Strength, a nonprofit org dedicated to ending childhood hunger in the country.
* It specializes in quality. Only the best food products, a fresh array of specialty food and cooking experience are offered.

Its people are the backbone of The Fresh Market, and a most important unit of the organization is The Fresh Market Training & Development (T&D) team, which is responsible for creating the training tools and programs that support our business objectives by developing the capabilities and driving the engagement levels of individuals at many levels across the organization. It offers a variety of equal employment opportunities for all employees  without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, national origin, military status, disability or any other basis protected by law.

On top of that, the company shows its appreciation for their talented, dedicated, energized employees through its competitive pay scheme and benefit packages.

Truly, The Fresh Market is the best place to shop and dine, and to start a great, rewarding career of serving others.

Visit today to find out more about how to start your own unique diversity career at The Fresh Market.

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