Saturday, February 21, 2015

Northrop Grumman: Innovation, A Way of Life

Northrop Grumman, a leader in the field of providing security products and solutions, makes innovation its way of life, and has been working with universities, small companies, and other organizations during the development of defense, homeland security and other critical programs

It envisions itself to be the most trusted provider of systems and technologies that ensure the security and freedom of our nation and its allies. Thus, towards this goal, Northrop Grumman is guided by the values of 
  • Taking responsibility for QUALITY; 
  • Delivering CUSTOMER satisfaction;  
  • Providing LEADERSHIP as a company and as individuals;
  • Acting with INTEGRITY in all they do;
  • Valuing Northrop Grumman PEOPLE;
  • Regarding SUPPLIERS as essential team members. 
5 key behaviours define a Northrop Grumman person:
  • Live the company values;
  • Focus on operating excellence;
  • Act with speed;
  • Communicate openly;
  • Collaborate across the company.
Moreover, as a dedicated Equal Opportunity Employer, Northrop Grumman likewise believes that creating a work force and a workplace that values diversity and fosters inclusion is pivotal to promoting innovation and increasing productivity and profitability. In place, therefore, are several diversity and inclusion programs to help further diversity and inclusion throughout the company. These programs recognize and celebrate our diversity, support our supplier diversity efforts, and further our partnerships in the community., the largest job board online, is a career opportunity resource and job search engine for the cultural diversity marketplace. Through, you can hire diversity professionals for your diversity and equal opportunity employment needs. Visit now.


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