Saturday, January 3, 2015

Microsoft Released Diversity Stats as Promised

Microsoft, has shown once again its sincere commitment to improving its workforce diversity, and has made good on its promise, last year, to release its diversity statistics without much fanfare.

A report by Matt Day of Seattle Times reads: Microsoft has joined the ranks of technology companies releasing more-detailed diversity data. The latest takeaway lines up with previous impressions: Microsoft’s employees are predominantly white and male. Non-Hispanic white males make up 47% of Microsoft’s U.S. workforce, above the 31% share Census data says the group accounts for in the country as a whole.

Another report, by Jacob Demmit of Puget Sound Business Journal, shares some of the diversity numbers based on Microsoft’sEEO-1 which he was able to secure from the company:
Male: 46,142 (75.69 percent)
Female: 14,819 (24.31 percent)
White: 37,018 (60.72 percent)
Asian: 17,654 (28.96 percent)
Hispanic/Latino: 3,035 (4.98 percent)
Black: 2,098 (3.44 percent)
American Indian or Alaskan Native: 295 (.48 percent)
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 151 (.25 percent)
Executives, Senior Officials and Managers:
Male: 126 (87.5 percent)
Female: 18 (12.5 percent)
White: 116 (80.56 percent)
Asian: 20 (13.89 percent)
Hispanic/Latino: 5 (3.47 percent)
Black: 2 (1.39 percent)
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander:0
American Indian or Alaskan Native:0

Microsoft is one of's leading diversity company members, partnering with it in its search for highly talented, qualified diversity candidates to fill the company's various job openings

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